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Lorenzo Vicini On November - 4 - 2011

Football Product Review: Adidas F50 Adizero

Adidas-F50-Adizero-Leather-Black-White-Electricity-Colorway-Front-Outside-Angled-ViewSimply put, the Adidas f50 adiZero is a striker’s boot. Upon first sight, the boots catch the eye with its alluring, vibrant colors. Visual aesthetics aside, the first thing you’ll notice when picking them up out of the box is how incredibly light they are. The f50 adiZeros are so light, in fact, that they weigh less than the box they arrived in. As such, the weight plays into the hands – or feet, rather – of those who want that extra step to beat their opponent and fire off a shot from tight spaces. While the featherweight feel seems right, it is an entirely different matter when testing them out on the field. Can one of the world’s lightest boots provide performance, protection and comfort?


The adiZero definitely is lighter than any of its predecessors and at just 6 ounces makes you feel like you’re running barefoot – with the added bonus of “claws” otherwise known as cleats. The layout of the cleats on the bottom gives plenty of stability on such a light boot that balance is not an issue at all. The boot boasts a “new TRAXION stud shape” and while the fancy name is nice, the reality is that the studs are well placed which allows you to accelerate and decelerate without a hitch. Another plus is the placement of the studs which are well-spaced out allowing you to clean the bottoms with ease. For those familiar with playing games in pouring rain and accumulating mud, you’ll know how much of a pain it is to try and scrape the excess clumps from studs that are packed together.

One of the biggest areas of a football player’s game is his touch and the adiZero developers were smart enough to take this into consideration when designing the shoe. The front of the cleat provides extra leather that not only gives you a little bit of cushioning but grants you with the proper amount of buffer between foot and ball. It’s an important factor when determining how heavy or how light your touch is on the ball. Anyone sporting these boots will be thrilled with the fact that their touch is almost enhanced, but definitely not affected adversely by the design of the boot.

Being a striker’s boot, naturally, shooting would be the area most are interested in. The superb quality makes this boot a striker’s dream. The lightness coupled with the extra cushioning on the toe of the boot allows more speed which results in more power and a quicker release. Furthermore, accuracy is not sacrificed as a result of the lightweight boot. You’ll find no problems with directional placement in your shots and outside of anyone playing in a defensive role, these boots give you all you need.

If you’re looking for maximum protection while out on the pitch, unfortunately the adiZero would not be the boot for you. Obviously, with such a light boot, the design mandates that the cushioning you would find in most boots simply must be sacrificed to achieve a “lighter-than-air” feel. There is ample cushioning near the toe of the boot and on top of it as mentioned before. However, around the ankles, there is only a thin layer between you and the opponent’s cleat.

Basically, if you are stepped on or slid through, you’re going to feel it. However, the point of the cleat is to give you the extra edge in speed and quickness. So, hopefully, heavy fouls and rash challenges won’t be a problem for you as you fly by the competition!

Surprisingly, the adiZero is fantastically comfortable despite what one would expect from a super light boot. Adidas did well to make a very high quality boot that isn’t only lightweight but also very comfortable. With many boots, often times you’ll develop blisters from where the boot rests on your foot, ankle or Achilles; however, no blisters formed when breaking in the adiZero. Furthermore, your shot will not be felt as the cushioning on the upper sole gives you the perfect amount of padding.

The boot breaks in quite nicely. While many may be concerned that the lightweight design might have durability issues, the boot has been excellent in lasting through wear and tear. The only slight concern would be how the boot seems to stretch over time; however, it’s only a minor issue that is resolved by tightening up the laces a little bit more. The adiZero, overall, was superb in terms of comfort and as an added bonus, they give you an extra pair of sockliners should you wear out the first pair.

The f50 adiZero is a tremendous boot that any striker would be pleased with. It’s no wonder, then, that many of the world’s best footballers use this boot as their own.

Specs (from Adidas)

It’s 165g of extreme acceleration and razor-sharp handling, thanks to a SPRINTSKIN upper with TPU support bands, sprint frame outsole and a new stud shape.

Upper: Goleo calf-leather vamp for a snug fit and a lightweight upper.

Inlay: Delivered with the ultralight sockliner in the shoe. Additionally, a second pair of comfort sockliners is in the box.

Outsole: The sprint frame construction uses geometrical learnings and a new stud shape to offer the perfect balance between light weight and stability. A new TRAXION stud shape for maximum acceleration and speed on firm natural surfaces.

Additional Adidas F50 Adizero TRX FG Leather images [left click on images for close-up]


Adidas F50 AdiZero TRX FG outer profile viewAdidas F50 AdiZero TRX FG inside angle viewAdidas F50 AdiZero TRX FG topdown viewAdidas F50 AdiZero TRX FG stud/tread view


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