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Hi Barbara, welcome to Serie A weekly. Is this your first interview with a football website?

I have done a few interviews for sports magazines but I don’t think I’ve ever done an interview for an online football website before.

Our readers are mainly football fans, so perhaps you could tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Barbara Zatler and I was born in Horsens Denmark. I am mixed Danish, Italian and Slovenian. I’ve been working in the showbiz for 9 years I so now. I started with modelling then acting and now I also work with comedy. I love having fun and I can sometimes have a sick humour. Besides my work I have a dog which is my best friend! I love animals! But I also help people and I am helping out with fund-raising and charity work!

In regard to your Italian roots from your mother’s side, exactly where in Italy are your origins?

My mom grew up in Trieste. Where she also lived some years on a nunnery! When I was a child we also spend our holiday in Italy and Slovenia. I do that sometimes still on my holiday!

Being partly Italian makes you, naturally, a fan of the Serie A or football in general?

Hehe. Well I wouldn’t call me a fan that much, but I like to watch football if it’s live on a stadium, on TV I don’t get the same rush from the audience and the atmosphere is just so much better!

If you had to choose, then who would be your favourite team in Italy, Milan, Juventus?

Milan I would say. I know them the best. But if there is football on TV I always support Italy or Slovenia for that matter ;)

In regard to your work, you have appeared in Playboy and many other major publications; could you tell us a bit more about this?

I started my career as a model back in 2003. I have always been my own boss and worked hard to reach my goal.

So in 2009 I contacted Playboy and I was so lucky that they wrote me back as offered me the spot as Playmate of the month and cover. So this gave my career a huge lift in the right direction. My resume speaks of spreads in FHM, Maxim, GQ, SLITZ, Playboy, Euroman and so on. I feel very blessed in this life that I had the opportunity to experience all these adventures! But I has cost a lot of hard work and persistence to keep on going. Cos it is a rocky road!

What has been your greatest achievement in your career?

I think that Playboy is one of the biggest so far. But if we speak about acting it was to overcome my fear of performing at a casting. I was so scared the first time and thought I was so bad at it when I was done with the casting, But they called a week later at the part was mine Ia big danish motion picture. Which will have its premiere in cinemas across Denmark in Oct.

And you are bit of a writer too, are you not?

Yes I was , I did write for FHM USA, and for some danish magazines as well. But its a year ago now that I stopped with that. But I do still write now and then , but now I am working on a script for a movie. How that goes only time will tell .

Do you travel a lot for your work or are you mainly based in Denmark?

I do travel from time to time. But mostly I am based in Denmark. But I am soon off to L.A, Miami and Mexico to work. I love to travel and find this to be the best part of my work. To see the world!

What are your plans for the future, more modelling, acting or something different?

There is a time limit on modelling and that is not my future goal. I keep on modelling as long as I find it fun. But my future is sat on other things as I would like to start my own TV and Film production company some day. But I will still keep on doing acting for as long as I can.

Now just for your views on a few football-related matters, who will win the Serie A this year, Milan, Juventus?

Hmm tough one! I don’t have the slightest idea but l’ll place my money on Milan.

Who is the best looking footballer in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo?

David Beckham. I like his looks as he looks like a man and not a boy.

And finally, who will win the Champions League? Can an Italian side win it?

I am sure that the Italians can win it just as well as any other team. If they train and work as a team then why not? This is possible! And I will support them all the way!

Barbara Zatler was interviewed by Frank Tigani

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