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Serie A Weekly Podcast, visit for your Italian and European football newsThis week’s episode Adam and Kevin introduce writer Qasa Alom to the SerieAWeekly listening audience.  Qasa (pronounced Casa) helps the boys cover match day 24 of Italian Serie A

Recorded on  Monday, February 7th, this podcast is a really good listen so grab a cup of java and pull up a chair for the next hour as hosts and guest go back and forth on what next for Juventus, AC Milan, Inter and the rest of Serie A.

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  1. Ted says:

    Please explain how Milan have a weak defense.

    They’ve conceded the least amount of goals, is SERIE A!!!!

    Enough of this nonsense!

    Milan were without like 10 players…..

    Kevin, what’s up with the weird Pato pronunciation?

    @ Adam, with Juve’s brilliant/World Class defense, they’ve conceded more goals than Milan, and are in 8th place.

    * Ears start turning red *


    • Qasa Alom says:

      Dear Ted,

      All the points you have raised are indeed valid, however one must also look past statistics to see the football that’s actually being played.

      The real issue for Milan’s “defence” is in the Fullback area. Many of the goals they concede come from being exposed out wide, partly due to the ordinariness of the fullbacks, and partly because of the lack of support they get in tracking back. Let’s not forget that defence is not solely about the 4 players playing infront of the goalkeeper, but is a team duty that starts from the forwards. Have a look at Milan under Sacchi for a prime example.

      Therefore I think what Adam was trying to say is that unlike in the past, Milan are no longer “hard to break down” and a team with top strikers will be able to get at them. This is a point that would certainly ring true when you look at the teams that they have been caused problems by this year.

      Real Madrid, Juventus, Roma, Udinese

      Milan have in my mind, the best centre back pairing in the league in Nesta - Silva, yet with Italian these days more susceptible to injuries, Milan have had to rely on Yepes (who’s done an admirable job) Bonera or Sokratis. So as long as they can keep Nesta fit, they shouldn’t have a problem against most clubs, but if either player is missing then there could be problems.


  2. Ted says:

    If you actually watch Milan ( which Adam clearly doesn’t and instead watches RAI highlights )then you would realize that Abate is a good fullback. He’s young,fast,likes to push forward, yes his positioning is questionable, but it’s improving )He locked down Ronaldo at the San Siro ( Cristiano had to resort to dark tactics, diving,crying), and had Eto in his back pocket at San Siro, until he got sent off, for fighting with Pandev.

    Left back is a huge problem though. Antonini had a decent campaign last season, but this year he’s been awful, God awful, Maldini is shacking his head. Bonera’s a center back ( a bad one at that ) and a joke of a fullback, which ever flank he plays, basically offers he can’t go forward.

    Any how, our defense is decent, and has done a admirable job, despite missing key players, not in only in central defense ( Nesta ) but also Abate, at Fullback.

    Also, we’ve played with a make shift midfield for the last month, with our best defender ( Silva ) used as a DM. Thankfully most of our players are returning. Boateng,Abate,and Nesta, who are all key players, on our team.

    I’d say we’ve coped well as we’re in 1st place and still in the running of the Coppa Italia, and have a CL clash on the way!

    If only we had Juve’s defense. Wait, Juve are in 8th place, have a terrible defensive record, they’ve been knocked out of Europe, and are in danger of not qualifying for the Europa League. Yea, some team!
    then again, Juve are the best team in the world, with teh best players,manager,etc.etc.etc…

    ps..hopefully the next podcast is better, and a certain someone is a less bias, or at least learns some self control!!!!

  3. Ted says:

    Abate has Cafu lungs!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adam Digby says:


    Thank you for listening to the podcast, and also for taking time to comment here, your views are most welcome and hugely appreciated by both myself and Kev.

    Now, that being said there seems to be some confusion over the discussion regarding defences. Not once on this episode do I say Juve’s defence is better than Milan’s, as I have written and said many times the Bianconeri have huge issues in this and many other areas, but the fact remains this week they put in an impressive performance, yet once again I criticise the marking on the Cagliari goal and the positioning of Sorensen throughout the match.

    As for Milan, and please, try to take my view objectively, the defence is the weak link in an otherwise good team Yes Abate is improving, yes Nesta-Silva is one of (if not THE) best pairings in the league, but as you so rightly point out two of them are out injured and the other has spent time playing in midfield. This has left guys like Bonera, Sokratis and Yepes (who has done admirably well) which isn’t as good. This is largely the reason Inter has made up so many points - Milan are unable to keep clean sheets.

    Of course being top almost all season is a huge source of pride among Milanisti and rightly so, but being able to look objectively and accept the criticism of others is just as important. My view is that the Milan defence in its current - as in this past week (the game we discussed) - is suspect. You may think differently and you know what, that’s fine too, it’s all about opinions after all.

  5. Walker says:


    Pa-toe or Patwo or Patowe ??? looking in the mirror, still working on the pronunciation but hope to nail it someday. Keep leaving your comments peeps.

  6. Ted says:

    Pa-toe…it’s fine man, it just sounded at bit odd.

    @ Adam, Abate is improving? LOL….I thought all of the fullbacks are terrible? As a unbiased Milan fan, I will say that besides Abate and perhaps Zambrotta, yes he’s old, but he can still do a job. He just doesn’t have the legs or lungs to play three games in a row.
    Apart from the two of them, I think our fullbacks are shit!

    You’re right about being unable to keep a clean sheet, and it’s cost us valuable points, I might even say it’s cost Milan the Scudetto! Lecce1-1, conceded a goal in the closing minutes on a set piece! Then of course the Genoa match…where a brief lapse in concentration cost Milan the three points, as in the second half, Genoa created little.

    I remember a few podcasts ago, you said ANY team that could go on a CONSISTENT run would go pass Milan, and you’re right. Even though, we’re 5 points clear of Inter, I feel that they will eventually overtake us. WE lack consistently! And being unable to get three points and gets the smaller/weaker sides has const us! Inter on the other hand, have the best squad in Italy, and are hitting top form! If there’s one thing Leo can do, that is get the best out of his players. Maicon, after a very poor first half of the season, looks like a new man! I haven’t seen him make his signature darting runs since the WC, and that was 7 months ago.

    The rest of the season should be interesting, and I hope Milan win the Scudetto, but that’s easier said then done! It would make me sick if Inter won a sixth straight Scudetto, when their first Scudetto was awarded from the court. Their second title was basically won, by default! As Milan were given a points deduction, and Juve were in Serie B!

  7. Ted says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to the Podcast. Looking around, there aren’t many Serie A podcast, and it’s nice to finally find another ( I also listen to Italian Football Fancast ) that talks about the beautiful game known as Calcio!


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