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Now that we know the squad that Cesare Prandelli is taking with him it is time to discuss the matches coming up. Italy have two games within a 4 day stretch, and they will be the away side for both games. However, there is a big difference between the two games. One is a Euro Qualifier that, with a win, could send Italy to a very safe place in group C and the other is an international friendly. So far Italy […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Mar - 23 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST

The Italian national team’s first test in 2011 came with a friendly trip up north to Germany. Even though this was a friendly match, you can bet that it can be anything but friendly on the pitch between these two. Germany has been a strong football team for many years, and made back to back appearances in the the last two World Cup semi-finals. Italy is a team that is under construction at the moment, as Prandelli is giving many […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Feb - 10 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST

I thought that while international football is on hold for a few more weeks in Europe, I would do a spotlight on Italy’s head coach Cesare Prandelli to show what credentials and experience he brings to the team. He certainly has his work cut out for him, with fans expecting a lot more than what Lippi gave them at the last World Cup. Prandelli has already shown that he is a much different coach, mixing youth with experience, and giving […]

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Chances are if you love Serie A then you keep up with the Italian National Team, or gli Azzurri. The national team has a long history on the national stage. Italy  has won the World Cup tournament 4 times, only second to Brazil’s five time championship record. The names Giuseppe Meazza, Alessandra Del Piero, Dino Zoff and Paolo Rossi have all worn the blue jersey at one time. However, after winning the World Cup in 2006, Italy seemed to be […]

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Happy New Year from the Roma Review! Intense last matchday in Serie A with games on Thursday and Sunday. Playing two matches so close together can take a toll on players, especially after winter breaks as holiday revelry and distractions which occur off the pitch require a refocus upon return. Clubs have new players entering the squad as the January transfer market comes knocking. These newbies have to get use to a new team, new style of play and of […]

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Welcome back to Roma Review. I decided while we are tearing open gifts and look forward to the new year, time was right to recognize a player who has had a fantastic year in 2010. Jeremy Menez started the year a little rough, but has ended it as a key playmaker at the capital.  Without Menez the Giallorossi would not be in fifth place, looking to reclaim a Champions League position. The Frenchman has not scored buckets of goals for […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Dec - 29 - 2010 Comments Off READ FULL POST

Since this was the final game before the Winter break, I was hoping for a battle, and that is what I got. I was a little skeptical about Roma’s chances going into this game. Their poor performance against Bari the week before gave us Giallorossi fans little confidence. Even though Roma defeated Bari, the team as a whole seemed lethargic. Also, when I heard that Vucinic was not available I thought that the best outcome would be a draw. Ranieri […]

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I know that it has taken a while for me to get back, but welcome back to the Roma Review! A very biased article on the Giallorossi. It has been a long week for Roma, who had two away games, one in Serie A and another in the Champions League. Although Roma are usually a strong team at home, on the road is a different story. Their 3-1 loss to Palermo the week before showed their lack of focus, and […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Dec - 10 - 2010 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Welcome back Giallorossi fans to the Roma Review! I hope all of the Serie A Weekly readers and writers in the States had a nice Thanksgiving holiday. Roma had a big week and many of us, still hungover from Champions League action, were hoping for a better performance in Palermo yesterday. It was definitely a week of highs and lows. It raises many questions for us fans, who are wondering what is going to happen to the team once they […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Nov - 29 - 2010 Comments Off READ FULL POST

Welcome back to the Roma Review! Roma are starting to look more and more like a top side club these days. I honestly thought that they would be somewhere in the lower top 10 of Serie A, and would be looking for some major help in the Winter transfer window. They seem to have found their stride, and they may get into the round of 16 in Champions League. They also took a much needed 3 points in their last […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Nov - 22 - 2010 Comments Off READ FULL POST

Welcome back to the Roma Review! First, I just want to say that Serie A is shaping up to be an exciting league to watch right now in Europe. Take a look at the top 10 teams so far. It’s great to see some different teams in there keeping the league competitive. It will be interesting to see where the teams stand before the Winter break. Of course, things can change in the second half of the season, but some […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Nov - 18 - 2010 Comments Off READ FULL POST

The Rome derby is one of the biggest games in European football. Plenty of fans around the globe tune in to see how it plays out. Like so many times before there were some controversial calls and plays. Roma was the team with the most to gain by winning this match, and it showed in the way they played. Lazio on the other hand were going to remain in first place regardless of a win, but a win would give […]

Posted by Jay Scardina On Nov - 9 - 2010 Comments Off READ FULL POST

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