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Recently we discussed the importance of deceleration in relation to high performance training and injury prevention. We learned about eccentric strength and the role it plays in reducing momentum. We also made reference to dynamic balance and the importance it plays in maintaining control while performing skillful athletic movements. In this segment we will discuss movement training. Looking at the demands of the sport of soccer, we clearly see the importance movement plays. Movements on and off the ball are […]

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Training for acceleration is vital in helping a player to become faster, but improvement in acceleration may not transfer into improved performance on the field. If the athlete is unable to decelerate from those faster speeds in a timely and controlled manner, it can lead to ineffectiveness on the field or, worse, an injury. An athlete’s ability to decelerate is a skill that can be trained, and needs to be included in a well rounded strength and conditioning program. In […]

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When talking to players and coaches about their training they all tell me the same thing, “I want to work on speed so I can be quicker on the field”. Their focus is on speed training but with no real understanding on what type of speed training they should do. Most of their training involves sprinting distances in a straight line. Soccer involves movement in many different directions. Players are required to sprint, stop, change direction and make a play […]

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It was 1992, Wembley Stadium, the European Cup final between Sampdoria and Barcelona. I remember seeing Gianluca Vialli sent through with only Zubizaretta to beat and he lobbed the goalkeeper but put it wide. Then in extra time, Ronald Koeman ended all my hopes and dreams as he smashed a free kick past Gianluca Pagliuca to hand Barcelona the trophy. Fast forward to Sunday May 16, 2010. After 18 long years of waiting, Sampdoria defeated Napoli 1-0 to finish 4th […]

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  A short word from the editor Hope you enjoy our latest column at SerieAWeekly on fitness and training. Each week you’ll find a new piece from experts in their field on proper athletic health and conditioning, something all us couch potatoes could profit from. _______________________________________________ guest writer Derek Salvador (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) Soccer is a sport that requires movement; all movements begin from an “athletic stance”. When beginning a training program it is important that we start […]

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