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Episode 22, Greg and Julian return to talk about the new look Roma under Thomas Di Benedetto. Luis Enrique has been brought in as well as Walter Sabatini, and the two co-hosts spend much time discussing transfers, direction, and the possibilities with the new coach.

Is Enrique a gamble or the start of a dynasty?
Is Sabatini as good as his reputation suggests?

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6 Responses so far.

  1. bambas says:

    So the sneaky article you mentioned is requesting from Totti to leave Roma by himself on from any other places?

    What a shame…

    And please, don’t even dare to mention that he is your favorite player…

  2. Julian De Martinis says:

    It isn’t a request for Totti to leave. I realize now it may have come across that way due to the way I titled the article, but I consciously began sentences with “Would” and “could” to indicate possibility, not certainty. It was more of an exposition- IF Totti were ever to leave Roma, would this be the ideal time?

    Of course I realize even asking that is blasphemy for some, but no one is bigger than the club. Not even Francesco.

  3. bambas says:

    you know what is really insult to the intelligence?

    someone like you trying to jumpstart a “journalist” career on the back of Totti, and at!!! What is the easiest way then writing a controversial article about Totti?

    As for the “piece” itself: full of lightweight cliches, no real build up of pros or contras, just far suggestions. Perhaps the whole was built around the last sentence.
    I heard a couple of Magicast podcast, and took it what it was: some fans making a conversation about Roma, with a knowledge of the bit more then average fans. You should learn some professionalism from Totti.

    And then not to mention sending him to the States? It’s like Mozart playing for defts. There could be a couple of quite high profiled European clubs enjoying his services, and Totti enjoying some real football. But why to make a real effort, when enough to mention Totti?

  4. Walker says:

    Bambas? someone has been watching too many movies. But seriously, what has to come to a end is this eternal euro-snobbery.

  5. Julian De Martinis says:

    I’m not trying to start a career. contacted me, not the other way around. I love writing and talking about football and I’ve never once turned away a site that asked me to write for them.

    The topic was given to me to write about. I was given a prompt to discuss Totti leaving Roma, and I tried to make it as clear as possible that I’m not sure that would be ideal. I believe I even wrote that he would link the old and new Roma “like no other player could.” The piece is not an article saying that it’s time for Totti to leave Roma, which I thought would’ve been obvious by the end. That doesn’t mean it isn’t time for Roma to start discussing that possibility however. Either by a move to the MLS (realistically the only option for an aging European star, either that or somewhere in the Middle East) or by retirement, Totti and Roma will one day depart.

    I’m sorry the piece wasn’t to your liking. It’s impossible to please everyone, and infinitely more so once an article gets published on a website read by thousands, if not more than that. It fascinates me that writers for the Guardian and Goal even continue to do what they do. I’ve seen some of the comments that some authors get, and it astounds me. The thousands of words they wrote get torn down with a few phrases and sentences- they surely don’t do the job for praise and reader feedback.

    And finally, Francesco Totti is many things, but a model for professionalism is not one of them.

  6. bambas says:

    you see, in the age of blogs and too many internet places, anyone who can write already think him/herself to someone. The real talent and valuable addition is rare.

    Not to mention the easiness people think they can talk about others actually achieved something in their life. Totti’s according to you not existing professionalism is still much more then your actual writing skills and understanding in football.

    The State, and rich Arab countries aren’t the only option for Totti. In Spain, even in Germany he can fit in easily in his current form.

    And Walker, nothing against the US, but the MLS has been failed to get soccer on a higher level in the States, despite the abundance of young people who could be good players. Female soccer is actually more successful there, because the other sports are less effecting it.

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