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We have a variety of available Ad sizing MPU (300×250px), Feature Post Ads (450×180px), Skyscraper (120×600 & 160×600), Square Buttons (125×125px) and text link ads

Text Link Ads

  • Text link in all posts: above share this button or at the top of each post behind the vote this button, not visible from the main page. (pricing based on a minimum ad campaign of 1yr)
  • Availability: unlimited
  • Price: negotiable

450×180 Feature Post Ads

  • Description : The 450×180 banner ads are located on the top feature post zone. These are rotated to give all advertisers equal visibility.
  • Availability: 5 slots
  • Price : negotiable

125×125 Banners

  • Description : The 125×125 banner ads are located on the right sidebar. * If the number of ad spots sold is greater than the number displayed at the same time, banners will rotate through the available spots in random order on each page load.
  • Availability : 8 slots
  • Price : $45 per month

Product Reviews

  • Description: A well-written, honest review of your website will be posted on SerieAWeekly. The review may contain a maximum of three outbound links. It will stay on the headline section for a minimum of 48 hours. Link to our written product reviews.
  • Sample Product: required
  • Availability: unlimited

Terms and Conditions

  • All ads will run for a one month period (or the equivalent of 30 days) unless otherwise specified
  • some Ad sizing may be randomized for distribution purposes.
  • We reserve the right to revoke any ad that isn’t family friendly. It must also be relevant and useful to readers, may not be animated.
  • Payments can be made via Paypal (Paypal balance only)
  • All prices listed are in US dollars
  • Prices are subject to change without notice (your current ad will not be affected)
  • We prefer advertisers in related soccer, sportswear or blogging related niches but all advertisers are encouraged to approach us.

Please contact us at owngoalnetwork[at]live[dot]ca to start your advert campaign today!

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