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  • Teenage-girl-could-be-the-first-candidate-to-step-foot-on-mars

    Teenage Girl Could Be The First Candidate To Walk Surface of Mars

    Teenage girl could be the first candidate to step foot on mars under the NASA’s planned 2033 manned mission. While the space agency is searching ways to colonize Mars, it seems like it has found

  • Sweden-Celebrating-as-They-Aspire-Big

    Sweden Celebrating as They Aspire Big

    Sweden celebrating as they aspire big. Sweden is experiencing warm summers and this wakes ones memories of another World Cup summer which yielded thermometers escalating, a summer that has been

  • Suggested-Space-Force-is-not-Premiere-Time-US-has-Attempted-to-Militarize-Space

    Suggested Space Force is not Premiere Time US has Attempted to Militarize Space

    Suggested space force is not premiere time US has attempted to militarize space. If President Donald Trump’s idea literally evolves to fruition, it will not be the first military force setting its