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Aurelio de Laurentiis, clearly a man with a sense of the epic, seems intent on building upon the Partonopei’s already stratospheric rise. As Napoli enters the grandest of all European stages - the Champions League -  will their ascendency continue, or will added responsibility impinge upon their domestic ambitions, leaving them stranded on both fronts? Sampdoria serve as a sorry and too obvious example as to how capricious fate can be; twelve months prior, il ‘Doria’s fans enjoyed the dreams [...]

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All week we have unveiled the winners of our Team of the Year voting with a mixture of regular and guest writers. Here’s your winner for every position, starting with TB’s take on the strikers. There are a multitude of fantastic strikers plying their trade in Serie A, but for the 2010-11 season, two names rose to the top: Napoli’s Edinson Cavani and Inter’s Samuel Eto’o.  The former garnered 32% of your votes while the latter picked up 25% to [...]

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They do say a seven days is a long time in football, well try the Monday after the final Serie A game of the season….. Less than 24 hours after Napoli completed the Serie A campaign with a 2-2 with Juventus and it appeared like Napoli were about to sack Walter Mazzarri, and hire the jobless Gian Piero Gasperini. News broke via Sky Italia that Napoli may give Mazzarri the boot because of his flirtations with leaving Napoli with his [...]

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Seven years hard work finally paid off for Aurellio De Laurentiis, Napoli are in the Champions League proper. It was a night like no other on Sunday just gone. As the final whistle blew in the 1-1 draw with Inter the emotions were let loose, O Surdato Nnammurato started to play over the P.A. System and celebrations could begin. What followed was over 60 minutes of unbridled joy. I have never seen scenes like those on Sunday night. Players throwing [...]

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The San Paolo goal feast that took everyone by surprise Even in a city as superstitious as Naples, the omens can sometimes be wrong. The fans turning out for the visit of league leaders Inter in February 1980 had every reason to expect a tense, low-scoring affair. Instead, they were treated to a glorious riot of goals. These were two old-school Italian sides built on a solid bedrock of rugged defence. The Nerazzurri were a little more expansive but had [...]

Posted by Giancarlo Rinaldi On May - 13 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Nosediving league form, a coach threatening to leave, the owner calling out the players and the clubs top scorer suspended for three game, this must be about a relegation candidate right? Not quite… While AC Milan celebrate a deserved Serie A title, the side closest to them for much of the second half of the season has quietly started to fall apart. With three defeats in four matches Napoli are in danger of slipping out of the top three as a [...]

Posted by Napoli Blogger On May - 12 - 2011 2 Comments READ FULL POST

A victory is always a good result however Napoli’s victory over Genoa this last weekend was important in the context of the previous weeks. A third defeat in a row was unthinkable. Thankfully it didn’t materialise thanks to a typical Marek Hamsik goal and performance, oblivious for 80 minutes and then scoring when it matters ‘The ball just did not want to go in’ he told the media post match. Thankfully it did, and how much of an important goals [...]

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Napoli and Genoa enjoy one of the strongest friendships in Serie A. When both sides meet the tifosi from both sides are known for their hospitality towards each other, however it all started with a one of the more murky affairs in Calcio history. It was 1982, and the 30th and final game of the season. Napoli needed a point to qualify for the UEFA Cup. Genoa were in serious danger of relegation as AC Milan were beating Cesena 3-2. [...]

Posted by Napoli Blogger On Apr - 28 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST

‘I cannot guarantee Mazzarri will stay at Napoli, I do think it’s something he’ll have to consider long and hard before committing to a decision’ Those are the words of Walter Mazzarri’s attorney Simone Canovi, spoken at the end of March. With Napoli riding so high in the league and on course for the best finish in two decades why would Mazzarri consider moving on? Well maybe it’s not a surprise if you consider this… This season has been a [...]

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With Napoli involved in a Scuddeto race and a battle for Champions League qualification it may not be the best time to start thinking of next season but that hasn’t stopped Aurelio De Laurentiis this week claiming what the clubs transfer policy will be this summer, two midfielders and striker Tim Matavz. A bold statement from Aurellio but a statement he can afford to make considering much of the work for next season has been done this year… In the [...]

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I remember the day in July 2010 when news broke that Napoli had agreed a deal to sign ‘Matador’. I was in shock. Why was I in shock over a player that never really stood out at Palermo despite scoring goals and having obvious talent? In all honesty I don’t know. I suppose It felt like Napoli were signing a ‘big’ player, the price tag (you could argue inflated at the time) and the way the deal was portrayed in [...]

Posted by Napoli Blogger On Apr - 7 - 2011 2 Comments READ FULL POST

In the first of what will be a regular feature we take a closer look at Calcio’s most surprising team, SSC Napoli. Serie A Weekly presents the debut of Paolo Mancini The finish line is in sight, after 30 games only four teams remains standing, Udinese, Napoli, Internazionale and AC Milan, and with the upcoming fixtures it looks like the title winner maybe crowned on the last day. With eight games to go Napoli are within sight of their first Scudetto [...]

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