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Typical Mirko, it was inevitable wasn’t it? A big game player by design, scoring against one of the titans of modern day English football on the greatest club stage in the world. In fact, nearly every facet of that goal simply oozed of the Montenegrin, an epitome of the way he played. It was his second of the night, and Roma’s third. On a chilly November evening at the Olimpico, everything seemed to be going well for Luciano Spalletti’s side [...]

Posted by Julian De Martinis On Aug - 2 - 2011 3 Comments READ FULL POST

Youthful exuberance is sweeping through Trigoria. Gone is the wizen Ranieri, replaced by the comparatively fresh-faced Luis Enrique – and accompanying the Spaniard is an armada of talent barely free from adolescence. But while fan’s fervour is reserved for the nineteen year old Erik Lamela, along with Bojan Krcic and Loic Nego at just one year Lamela’s senior, an investment in experience may possibly be Luis Enrique’s shrewdest move of all. The recruitment of Gabriel Heinze at the ripe old [...]

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Philippe Mexes is a dirty cheat. He’s a walking red card and a thuggish scumbag; an explosion waiting to happen like that quiet, inevitable interval in between lighting a firecracker and waiting for it to go off. Philippe Mexes is a tremendous defender. Sure, he has a dirty side, but what centerback doesn’t? His expulsions tend to be a bit exaggerated, and what he gives to his team far outweighs his overstated lack of discipline. Loyalty, passion, and aggression are [...]

Posted by Julian De Martinis On Jul - 25 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST

As Roma welcome new recruits into Giallorosso, fresh speculation about Daniele De Rossi’s future has arisen. So what will this mercato have in store for Roma’s ‘capitano futuro’? Recent press speculation suggests that Manchester City’s Roberto Mancini has designs on Daniele De Rossi, with a sensational salary apparently on the table – a deal which practically doubles the package already being offered by Roma. Much is being made of De Rossi’s contractual position, with just one year of his current [...]

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As news broke of Roma’s latest signing, Serie A Weekly turned to Spanish football expert David Cartlidge to find out more about a man replacing Fulham-bound John Arne Riise at left-back for the Giallorossi. Here’s his view; The transition over the years for Spanish players going to Italy and plying their trade has been a one mostly of an underwhelming nature, but a young man from Asturias is looking to add his name to that short list of success stories. [...]

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Truth in football is dead. The internet killed it. Well, perhaps maybe not dead. But “truth” as it was once known is seemingly disappearing. It should be a rather simple, black-and-white concept: X is true, therefore Y isn’t. Circumstances can change but what is simply is, simply should be. However, this week in football saw quite a few challenges to such a rigid definition. Take, for example, the case of Erik Lamela. The Argentine is hotly sought at in the [...]

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In what was a turmoil ridden campaign for the Giallorossi, there were always going to be causalities – the question is, will ‘il capitano futuro’, the disaffected Daniele De Rossi, follow Philippe Mexes out of Rome? Understandably, vultures in the form of European football’s big guns are circling over Roma’s carcass, hoping to pick from the bones of last season, before Thomas di Benedetto can breathe new life into the wounded wolf.  So, with Mexes now a Milanista and Jeremy [...]

Posted by Stuart Harper On Jul - 6 - 2011 1 Comment READ FULL POST

Signed, sealed and delivered it may have been, but Bologna’s bid for Emiliano Viviano was fatally flawed. Stefano Pedrelli - the Rossoblu General Director - contrived to make a mess of his club’s blind bid, allowing Inter to claim the Azzurri stopper as their own despite tabling an inferior offer. But while the formalities are complete, the ripples from Pedrelli’s mistake will be felt across the peninsula as Viviano at the Giuseppe Meazza raises more questions than it answers. Had [...]

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This week, and with little fanfare, Marco Boriello officially became a Roma player with the capital club paying Milan €10m to make his loan spell permanent. Simultaneously, speculation abounded about Bojan Krkic joining Giallorossi ranks in a convoluted agreement with his current employers, FC Barcelona. But while Borriello’s formal acquisition went almost under the radar, perplexed tifosi discussed the mechanics of the proposed ‘Bojan deal’ and indeed the merits of Barca’s diminutive forward. Talk of Krkic as a ‘Nou Camp [...]

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Thomas Di Benedetto is a stranger in a strange land. As an American in charge of an Italian football club - Italy being infamously insular when it comes to calcio - the Bostonian needs to make a strong and favorable impression immediately upon the minds of Romanisti. The club’s most noticeable problem is a leaky defence, the likes of which is prone to spectacular mistakes in judgments and awful concessions. Yet with so much transfer talk centered around attacking players, [...]

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Episode 22, Greg and Julian return to talk about the new look Roma under Thomas Di Benedetto. Luis Enrique has been brought in as well as Walter Sabatini, and the two co-hosts spend much time discussing transfers, direction, and the possibilities with the new coach. Is Enrique a gamble or the start of a dynasty? Is Sabatini as good as his reputation suggests? Podcast Powered By LaLigaWeekly.com Standard Podcasts: Download

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It’s finally official. After weeks and weeks of waiting and speculation, Luis Enrique has signed a contract to take over the position of coach of AS Roma from the outgoing Vincenzo Montella. It’s a two year deal with an option for a third, worth approximately 1.6 million Euros a season. The signature was about the only thing that was missing from the agreement. Enrique had been very vocal in recent days, claiming that he would become Roma’s new coach and [...]

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