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Episode 22, Greg and Julian return to talk about the new look Roma under Thomas Di Benedetto. Luis Enrique has been brought in as well as Walter Sabatini, and the two co-hosts spend much time discussing transfers, direction, and the possibilities with the new coach. Is Enrique a gamble or the start of a dynasty? Is Sabatini as good as his reputation suggests? Podcast Powered By LaLigaWeekly.com Standard Podcasts: Download

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Episode 21, time to count the votes and fine tune the tuning in the Capital. Our Roman panel Greg, Alex, and Julian glance (definitely not romance) over 2010-2011 season for their beloved Roma.  Topics include: The overall crappiness of Roma’s year Games of the season- both best and worst, in Serie A and in Europe Greg cheating on nearly every question Some consensus, some disagreements, lots of love Reminiscing about the game that cost Claudio Ranieri his job, Nico Burdisso [...]

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Episode 20, a bit of an end of season review-08/09 all over again Europa League: is it even worth it? Montella’s future A good mercato before it even begins? Final thoughts on Borriello after a season’s worth of performances Vucinic: stay or go? DDR in the stands and his reaction- analyzing the unanalyzable. Alex argues for his sale. Rosella’s farewell and her legacy. Sterling teaches us some Italian! Lamela, RomAmerica, unsung heroes and a whole lot more. Join us! Podcast [...]

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Next up, episode 19  description to follow but for now, another round of agony, excitement and joy means another round of La Magicast.               Podcast Powered By SimplylFutbol.com Standard Podcasts: Download

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Next up, episode 18  and the dream of Champions League qualification with that fourth spot in Italian Serie A still up for grabs and in sight of our Roman gladiators. But wait, no Daniele De Rossi and Simone Perrotta for the final three games oh dear. The boys talk Milan match preview, Totti penalty magic and Greg is tested on his Borriello and twilight series knowledge. Join our own Julian De Martinis and the rest La Magicast crew as they [...]

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Welcome to another episode of La Magicast at SerieAWeekly. Alex, Greg and Julian are joined by the British invasion of knowledge on everything Roma with guest star Romanista James Vass from il-road-runner @twitter. What were those topics you ask? The Inter Coppa Italia match. The Chievo match. Mirko’s misses. Sulky players and why they need to go (or do they?!). In addition to those game elements we talked a plenty about off the pitch moments such as the news about [...]

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The boys do it again, another excellent team podcast. Word of the day is, condemned and condemned to what you ask? Why condemned to mediocrity as the Palermo defeat of Roma at the stadio Olimpico means there is even slimmer chance, with 5 matches to go, that Roma will qualify for Champions League next season. Julian takes the reigns of this episode and welcomes guest Lorenzo of the Palermo Offside to the show.  Roma of course remains a focal point, [...]

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Julian, Alex, and Greg welcome well-known Romanista Sterling to the show. Much is discussed in this episode, beginning with the win over Udinese. Francesco Totti: is he irreplaceable in the best way possible? The boys then move onto the team drama involving Philippe Mexes. After his comments about moving to Milan, a lot of time is spent debating just how much of a role he had to play in this seemingly inevitable transfer. Podcast Powered By SimplyFutbol.com Standard Podcasts: Download

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Julian and Alex take the show on with two parts. The first is a review of the Juventus loss with Aaron Giambattista, blogger for the Juventus Offside and great friend of the show. The three spend much time discussing the game, including the tactical superiority of Juventus’s wide players as well as the crucial role that Marco Storari had in the tie. Can Vincenzo Montella really be blamed for the loss here? For the second half, Greg returns as usual [...]

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This time on LaMagicast, Julian welcomes Greg back from his hiatus as well as special guest, Oscar of Blogistuta fame (The link to his blog can be found here). Oscar is a well-known and highly respected Romanisti who joined the crew to discuss quite a bit on this special international break episode. Without any game to preview, instead a Juventus preview is discussed: will the game be won down the middle, Alberto Aquilani vs Daniele De Rossi style, or down [...]

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Julian and Alex are joined by special guest James today (Stonegold546 for you Twitter folk) to discuss the latest happenings at AS Roma. The Fiorentina game is dissected, with James providing a tactical analysis of both sides as Julian and Alex ponder if this is the end of Roma’s Champions’ League hopes. Then the show turns to a statistical breakdown of the awful defense and great offense that La Magica have demonstrated thus far. The system or player form- who [...]

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The La Magicast crew is back for the first episode after Montella’s debut as Roma coach. In this episode we look back at his two first games last week (Bologna and Parma). We discuss his line-up and tactics, does Boriello fit into his system? We take a look at the 4th spot chase in the league and the Champions League - can Roma shock Shaktar? … help us Obi Wan-Pizarro. You’re our only hope. Podcast Powered By Forza Futbol Standard [...]

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