Author: Apurva Nagare

  • 3 great uses for CBD capsules

    Historically, one of the biggest drawbacks of cannabis as a medicine has been the limited ways to obtain the benefits of the plant. However, this certainly appears to be changing, with

  • Canadian-dairy-industry-urging-consumers-to-pay

    Canadian Dairy Industry Urging Consumers To Pay Drought Milk Levy of 10-cent

    Canadian dairy industry urging consumers to pay drought milk levy of 10-cent to help drought-stricken farmers keep their businesses buoyant. Shane Hickey, from Kyogle in northern NSW – his farm

  • Living-in-Cooler-house-linked-to-high-blood-pressure-risk

    Living In Cooler House Linked To High Blood Pressure Risk

    Living in cooler house linked to high blood pressure risk, suggests a newly published study. The researchers state that people should evaluate the temperature of the home. In the United States,

  • An-enzyme-could-be-used-to-treat-cancer-obesity

    An Enzyme Could Be Used To Treat Cancer, Obesity And Diabetes

    An enzyme could be used to treat cancer, obesity, and diabetes. Scientists revealed the molecular acrobatics of a key cell enzyme which could lead to new treatments for cancer and metabolic

  • Researchers-show-way-to-treat-undruggable-cancers

    Researchers Show Way To Treat Undruggable Cancers Using Experimental Drug

    Researchers show way to treat undruggable cancers using experimental drug. Many cancers share a faulty cell-signaling pathway that is difficult to target. As a result, it makes it harder to treat

  • Canada Shooting Update: 2 Police Officers Among 4 Killed

    Canada shooting update: 2 police officers among 4 killed on Friday morning. Canadian police said four people, including two police, were killed in a shooting in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The latest

  • A-palm-phone-might-be-coming-for-2018

    A Palm Phone Might Be Coming In 2018, But Without 5G

    A palm phone might be coming for 2018, according to the latest report.  A device called the PVG100 by Palm Venture Group — now owned by TCL — has hit the Federal Communications Commission last

  • Do-brain-training-games-really-carry-cognitive-benefit

    Do Brain-Training Games Really Carry Cognitive Benefit?

    Do brain-training games really carry cognitive benefit? While every smartphone user is enjoying, the question occurs that do brain-training games really work? A new study reveals some facts. Tens

  • Artificial-intelligence-can-indicate-your-personality

    Artificial Intelligence Can Indicate Your Personality Type By Scanning Your Eye

    Artificial intelligence can indicate your personality type by scanning your eye, a new study reveals.  Now AI may also predict your personality, simply by tracking the way your eyes

  • How-lowering-blood-pressure-affects-Alzheimer’s

    How Lowering Blood Pressure Affects Alzheimer’s Dementia Risk?

    How lowering blood pressure affects Alzheimer’s dementia risk? Researchers Wednesday reported that aggressive treatment of high blood pressure can prevent dementia and could also reduce the risk of