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Through a unique visual narrating, Serie A Weekly delivers standard and attractive content. A modernizer of news and knowledge, we reveal the country’s pulse and provide the host of the worldwide conversation, covering today, tomorrow and for decades to tag along. We get a vast number of readers on daily basis.

Serie A Weekly let readers to be a part in the country’s conversation. Readers can comment on our news, recommend topics, intermingle with our newsroom, and converse with other readers of Serie A Weekly.

Audience get all-inclusive, suitable news and details from the website through interactive highlights, info graphics, as well as multi-media functions such as audio, video, articles and podcasts.

We also provides news and information on the subject matters including Breaking News alerts, Cars, Financial updates, Health, Travel Specials & Deals, Books, and the most recent world events from News, Travel, Life, Tech and Sports.

Serie A Weekly offers RSS feeds i.e. free of charge for news. Believable, precise, and trendy, Serie A Weekly provides both a rapid view at the matters happening in the world at the current situation and thorough analysis of bigger, broad issues.