Trudeau pays visit to B.C. Markets and Forestry center. Justin Trudeau  blended with  hundreds of amiable people at two family attentive events on Vancouver Island, but the prime minister was also prompted on the robust resistance his government encounters over the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

At an external news convention at the Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan, B.C Trudeau conceded there are people against the government’s resolution to purchase the pipeline from Kinder Morgan, but he said it will not halt the project or wide ranging plans to battle climate change.

He further added that there are people who contemplate that there is an possibility for an alternative between what is positive for the environment and what is positive for the economy, but he doesn’t. The only path towards a robust economy progressing ahead is by safeguarding the environment and making sure that the environment is protected for the benefit of the future generation is his premiere concern.

In May, Trudeau’s Liberal government declared its resolution to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline from Alberta to the B.C. coast and associated infrastructure for $4.5 billion. It had enough money in the pocket for disbursing billions more to construct the debatable expansion.

Trudeau said that it is known that a robust plan is required to battle climate change but there are people on the opposite side of the political gamut who despised that. The Prime minister shook a lot of hands and posed for innumerable selfies.