Saskatchewan government doesn’t take hookah lounges banning seriously. The Canadian Cancer Society has turned their attention to shisha, following the successful fight against cannabis lounges and smoking lounges, while the hookah lounges remain being served over the territory.

Donna Pasiechnik, from the Canadian Cancer Society, “We know that these products are dangerous to human health, they can cause cancer, we know the emissions from these products are as dangerous as second-hand smoke and we know a lot of young people are frequenting these lounges.”

Hookah lounges are prohibited in a portion of the nation’s greatest urban areas, and a few districts over the region, however the growth society says it’s the ideal opportunity for the territory to advance up.

But, the government of Saskatchewan doesn’t appear sure. The Ministry of Health noted in a statement that Shisha is a [sic] herbal product and does not meet the definition of tobacco in Saskatchewan.

Ministry of Health recently stated that There are currently no plans to further regulate hookah lounges in Saskatchewan. Regina prohibited open shisha smoking a year ago, yet the city has no plans to survey the Smoking Bylaw to incorporate hookah lounges.

Pasiechnik continued saying that, “There’s no labelling requirements in Canada for shisha, so you don’t even know what’s in that product. There may be tobacco in that product, and some testing of that product in North America of many of the shisha products that are labelled as non-tobacco – herbal – have, in fact, tobacco in them.”