Meet woman wanting to swim around the world.  Jaimie Monahan was not having a good time with the prevalent whether. It had rained ponderously the night before which resulted in winds and waves pounding strongly early in the morning. This was deterrent to her swimming her planned 12-mile route, from the Brooklyn Bridge to Coney Island.

While constrains in New York Bay and the Atlantic Ocean had petered down after the sun had risen, Ms. Monahan  could not make it for her training for  Rose Piton of Swim, an exhaustive 17-mile race in mid-August. Alternatively she attended the yoga session on Brighton Beach, organized by Cibbows, the Coney Island Brighton Beach Open Water Swimmers.

She said that swimming was not devoid of factors like the tide, the hot or cold water, wildlife, weather etc. Ms. Monahan, 38, holds the record of 75 major swimming contests in 10 years as an open water, ice and winter swimmer acquiring innumerable recognition along the way. She is a seven-time United States national champion in winter swimming, and was allowed into this year’s International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, besides being named woman of the year by the World Open Water Swimming Association for both 2016 and 2017.

She is not only a busy bee as far as swimming and garnering awards is concerned, she is a full time recruiter  for Deloitte, the worldwide auditing and consulting firm. However, this month she may not be able to do justice to her desk work.