Trump representative says US Canada friendship will persist and the estranged relations between both the countries will see the break of day. Ambassador Kelly Craft conveyed the message with US and Canada engaged in an unparalleled trade discourse.

She acquired the acceptance to hundreds of celebrators who lend an ear to her as they sipped cocktails and ate shrimp in an extensive front lawn of her official abode. Craft told the crowd that Canada and the United States have a continuing collaboration will remain loyal and strong in the future. These times are surely very difficult. This time the number of attendees was less than the last time.

Craft who was the initial initiator of first Fourth of July party as ambassador also echoed former U.S. president Thomas Jefferson in her comments to get her message across. She appended that she had never contemplated a dissimilarity of viewpoint in politics, in religion, in philosophy as an occasion to extract from a friend. She also added that the presence of the guests will make all agree with Jefferson on that rudimentary issue of friendship.

Some eminent Canadians candidly declared prior the event that the relationship is at its lowest mark ever and hence they would stay away from the Fourth of July party out of proposition. In the earlier years the yearly Independence Day party has been the matter of the moment with a guest list that went beyond the figure of 4000 under former ambassador and Barack Obama appointee Bruce Heyman.