Trudeau warming up for NATO summit along with other world leaders to what hitherto commits to be an animated debate on defense expenditure in the approaching NATO summit in Brussels next week.

The Prime Minister’s Office said Trudeau is anticipating congregating with the 28 other NATO leaders to debate methods to fortify peace and security among nations. Trudeau’s press secretary Eleanore Catenaro said that in the entire course of summit’s debates and operating sessions the prime minister will recapitulate Canada’s dedication to perform an active responsibility in alliance and a robust and meaningful role in the world.

The PMO also said that just before the summit Trudeau will pay a visit to Canadian troops in Latvia, where Canada is marshaling main NATO battle group accepted as the alliance’s answer to Russia’s astonished conquest of Crimea in 2014 and its invasion of eastern Ukraine.

The likelihood of disagreement among NATO leaders is by and large and is imminent, all because of pointed letters from U.S. President Donald Trump to pioneers of numerous NATO allies involving Canada vociferating on them to eventually encounter the alliance’s defense spending aims. In his letter to Trudeau, Trump says that there is an extremely increasing frustration in the US with NATO’s allies like Canada that have not expanded defense disbursement as promised.

The president writes in the June 19 letter that the annoyance is not limited to the executive branch. The United States Congress has noticed and is apprehensive as well.

Trudeau warming up as the US is progressively not disposed to disregard this alliance’s frustration to encounter to divided security challenges.