Trudeau takes political benefits from US-Canada tariff battle, not fixing NAFTA, according to the opinions raised by his critics. the North American Free Trade Agreement’s renegotiation procedure has turned into what might as well be called an auto stuck in profound mud. It’s turning every which way and can’t get back on the principle street.

The US President Trump has long been blamed by most of the analysts for this circumstance. They recollect him calling NAFTA ‘the most exceedingly bad exchange negotiation at any point made’ amid the presidential verbal confrontations.

Those analysts point to the U.S. exchange agent’s extensive rundown of requests. They condemn Trump’s help for monetary patriotism and point the finger at him for the continuous U.S.- Canada tariff fight. To be sure, Trump has been a noteworthy barrier to renegotiating NAFTA.

Obviously, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has denied this affirmation. He guarantees the Liberal government is utilizing an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach with NAFTA, indicating previous Conservative head administrator Brian Mulroney’s standard guidance.

former Canadian Conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper said in a statement that, “The problem right now is we have two governments that do not want an agreement. The reality is the government of Canada believes today that it is doing very well; the fight with Trump is good for it politically, it is winning. And so, if it can take that fight and continue it, and more importantly, paint Conservatives as linked to Donald Trump, this is great for them. And so right now that is the strategy they are on.”