Toronto shooting kills one person, injures 13 people after a gunman opened fire against police late Sunday. Toronto police said that one person is dead after a shooting in the middle of the street in Toronto. The shooter is also dead.

Police Chief Mark Saunders said that a young lady was killed during the exchange of gunfire. A 9-year-old girl is in critical condition. Other 12 victims were hospitalized.

Police believe that the shooting wasn’t random and terrorism was not a motive. They are investigating all possibilities.

“I’m keeping everything open, I’m looking at every possible motive,” Mark Saunders said. “I certainly don’t want to speculate, too.”

Saunders confirmed the suspect used a handgun.

The incident happened near Danforth Street and Logan Avenue, which is in the Toronto’s Greektown neighborhood – a lively residential area with crowded Greek restaurants and cafes.

John Tulloch, who was present at the scene said: “I thought it was fireworks at first, because it was a rapid fire, and then there would be a pause and more fire. We didn’t know what it was. We saw people starting to run in our direction, and I still didn’t know what it was. And then more people were running, and so we started running and we ran down a side street.”

Police said they arrived at the scene quickly and engaged in a shootout with the gunman.

Toronto police urged any eyewitnesses to come forward or anyone with video.

“We were so use to living in a city where these things didn’t happen,” Toronto Mayor John Tory said. “But there are things that happen nowadays and they are just unspeakable.”

“Guns are too readily available to too many people,” he said.