Prior NATO summit, Trudeau will visit Canadian troops. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on his way to Latvia to pay a visit to Canadian troops, and underscore Canada’s military dedication to NATO prior to the treaty organization summit following this week in Brussels.

It will symbolize the premiere bilateral visit by a Canadian prime minister to Latvia and is pronounced as the country celebrates its centenary. Trudeau wants to stand around with the 450 Canadian military personnel that are ingrained in Latvia as a component of a major NATO battle group entrenched as the association’s answer to Russia’s amazed conquest of Crimea in 2014 and its seizure in Eastern Ukraine. Canada marshals the task force known as Operation Reassurance, which includes troops from Albania, the Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

The prime minister is anticipated to utilize the instance to revive Canada’s dedication to NATO and tried to rebuff criticism about defense disbursement increased last month by U.S. President Donald Trump, underscoring alternatively Canada’s military existence and capital committed to the association.

Karlis Eihenbaums, the Latvian ambassador to Canada said that this Latvian magnified advanced existence mission altogether in the Baltics and Poland as one of the most triumphant visions of NATO. There is much more stability as citizens and also the NATO Eastern side is much steadier. One could inquire neighboring countries which are not a part of NATO, like Sweden or Finland, contemplate that they are an established part of the existence and are joyed that Canadians are there.