OPP prohibits gear purchase from banned bikers while attending the Friday the 13th Port Dover Ontario Canada. OPP are cautioning individuals going to Friday the thirteenth occasions in Port Dover to know about acquiring and wearing rigging partnered with prohibit biker posses, as they could be accidentally supporting sorted out wrongdoing gatherings.

Bike devotees are set to surge Port Dover for the occasion. Police say buys of group adapt support illicit exercises and individuals could be putting themselves in danger with match cruiser pack individuals.

Wearing bandit pack related things may appear to be safe as individuals are uninformed of the perils it brings, according to the operations manager at the biker enforcement unit, Anthony Renton. He fears for the wellbeing of guests and individuals from the network.

Renton reveals to Global News Radio 980 CFPL that he hopes to see more than 100,000 individuals at the occasion and needs to instruct individuals to keep them educated.

Officers will be available at the event to guarantee open wellbeing. Any individual who sees any suspicious action including outlaw biker posses is encouraged to educate an officer at the area or call 1-905671-6960 for ban bike pack related data.

Renton said in a statement, “Canadians need to understand that purchasing these items directly support illegal activities such as drug trafficking and violence which ultimately hurts everyone in our community. Don’t wear support wear. We don’t want to see someone innocently get hurt as a result of just wearing a t-shirt they bought.”

“By raising awareness,” Renton added, “we allow individuals to be empowered, to make informed choices that will only increase their personal safety and deny funds to criminals that further their illicit activities.”