Northern California catches two major wildfires that have been rapidly spreading and have forced nearly 300 residents from their shelters.

On Saturday afternoon, the County Fire was started, flaming a dozen thousand acres in Yolo County until Sunday night that burned over 44,500 acres Monday Morning. However, the blustery winds spread fire through Lake and Napa County by Sunday Night. The fire smoke has covered all the skies over Napa, San Mateo, San Francisco and Sonoma counties.

The respiratory alerts and air quality advisory has been issued by the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management, on Sunday. The advisory cautions elderly, children and people having problems with lung or heart conditions with intent to avoid exertion. The emergency department supposed the smoke to remain until Monday or potentially longer period.

The National Weather Service Sacramento tweeted on Monday that, “Due to a wind shift yesterday, smoke from the County Fire has moved into the Sacramento Valley and continues to impact the Bay Area as well.”

Flame retardants and water  were dropped by firefighters and air crews on to both of the deadly wildfires. People have been warned to leave their homes, who belonged to locations affected by the Pawnee and County.

Deputy chief at the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, Scott McLean said in a statement that, “These fires are extremely aggressive and extremely fast moving. It’s not a joke. People need to be prepared. We are getting long-range spotting as embers are being thrown way ahead of the fire. This fire has definitely grown a lot faster than the previous fires there.”