Montreal streets crowded with people celebrating France’s victory over Croatia. The streets witnessed a speedy movement of police to obstruct the various blocks of St-Laurent Boulevard to cars as innumerable fans, many adorned in French flags and sporting red, white and blue face paint, frolicked and jumped in the streets to acknowledge France’s 4-2 victory over Croatia.

A reversed trash can was converted into an improvisational drum and a white Volkswagen Golf, door open and radio bellowing was turned into a boom box as fans scattered out of bar L’Barouf in the Plateau-Mont Royal locality which was swathe in a two storey-tall French flag  for the juncture.

One of the fans emanated red, white and blue smoke into the air, which swiftly deluged the euphoric clammy crowd. Samuel Florant cried that they have done it in between of jubilancy of dances and unprepared renditions of the French anthem, “La Marseillaise.”

He further added that they were a little afraid of Croatia as they had played a great World Cup but they have done it. Chris Boilah, another fan appended that they are extremely proud, they adore the French, the French team, the French country and the French people, and everything is stupendous!

Boilah, who hails from the South of France, said that Kylian Mbappe’s goal in the 65th minute that placed France up 4-1 as the minute when he had the feeling that his team would win.

Montreal streets crowded with people celebrating France’s victory over Croatia as one of the fans said that when they had four there was no way that they could be defeated.