Lewis Hamilton consents two year contract expansion at Mercedes. Ruling Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has endorsed a two-year contract protraction at Mercedes and will stay with the team until 2020. The agreement is said to be worth $52 million per year, additionally amplifying the 33-year-old’s status as Britain’s lucrative sports person.

For Hamilton the protraction had been a convention ever since he had a conversation with Mercedes executive director Toto Wolff. The four time world champion who presently succeeds Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel by eight points at the midway point of this season’s title race said that he had been a part of Mercedes racing family for 20 years and it is a heartwarming to be inside the team as usual.

He also said that both of them have been on the similar acumen both on and off the track. He is waiting to triumph more in the future and glittering even more on the three pointed star. He also accepted his bright fortune that Mercedes is the right place to be at the right time.

Hamilton proceeded further explaining his belief that the team is passionate more than ever from the boardroom to the pit lane as they pursue a fifth consecutive Constructors’ Championship.

Hamilton also appended that a ruthless desire that incinerates within him is split by each and every member of the group, always pursuing the consequent up gradation and prospects to ensure that we bounce back on top.

Lewis Hamilton Consents Two Year Contract Expansion at Mercedes by saying that he cannot wait to see what could be achieved together in the next two and half seasons.