Freeland augurs NAFTA review of unfair and illegal US Solar panel tariffs. Freeland said that the US taxes on Canadian solar panels have impacted businesses and workers on both sides of the border. The taxes contravened NAFTA rules. The government would carry on protecting its interests and workers.

The Trump administration inflict the tariff in January succeeding the US International Trade Commission discovered that imports of crystalline silicon one of the principle constituents of photovoltaic technology in solar panels engender a harmful injury to American producers.

The assignment endorsed taxes of between 10 and 35 per cent to be displayed on crystalline silicon mostly coming from China and Mexico. In the 2017 report, commission discovered crystalline silicon imports from Canada are falling less of the share of total imports and do not bestow vitally to the grievous injury caused by imports.

In February three Canadian solar panel manufacturers lodged litigation against the American government over the solar cell imports. Ontario-based Silfab Solar Inc., Heliene Inc. and Canadian Solar Solutions Inc., along with U.S.-based distributor Canadian Solar (USA) Inc. tabulated the provocation at the U.S. Court of International Trade in New York.

When inquired why Freeland is only questioning for the review now, Global affairs has directed to the identical press release with Freeland’s statement. The solicitation comes as trade conflicts are intensified between Canada and the United States. The Southern neighbors also inflicted 25 per cent tariffs on steel and 10 per cent imports on aluminum in June.

Freeland augurs NAFTA review of unfair and illegal US Solar panel tariffs. Canada has imposed $16 billion in requital taxes on July 1 on a variety of American goods, including whiskey, yogurt and felt tip pens.