Former Mexican congressman suggests Canadian PM to stop appeasing Trump, as well as using the national security issues of the United States as a power over the current NAFTA trade talks.

Agustin Barrios Gomez, a former Mexican congressman and establishing individual from a think tank based in Mexico says that, It’s the Canada’s time of dropping the gloves in its trade battle with the United States.

Agustin Barrios Gomez said on Tuesday that Canada should comprehend that the country is living in the new world with another reality where the fellowship that encloses it with its southern neighbor ‘no longer is currency with the current organization’ in Washington.

Mexican Council on Foreign Relations founder, Agustin Barrios Gomez said in a statement that, “This policy of appeasement, or this policy of playing nice that was attempted by the Trudeau government at the beginning, I think that that time is over.”

Gomez contended that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, an approaching leftist president of Mexico,  does not have any associations with enormous business in the way that active president Enrique Peña Nieto does, thus won’t be under obligation to business interests similarly.

Claiming that he has campaigned with Lopez Obrador, Gomez will encourage the president to utilize the security advantages of the United States government as use in the continuous exchange converses with the U.S. President Donald Trump administration.

As indicated by the president and CEO of the Detroit Regional Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Baruah, the pressure on the trading connection amongst Canada and the U.S. has already began to increase the cost of manufacturing and constructions in the United States.