Crew search for 3 young adults who disappeared after falling into Shannon Falls, a spokesperson from Squamish RCMP said.  Three people reportedly tumbled into the waters of Shannon Falls Provincial Park and have not been seen since.

John Willcox of Squamish Search and Rescue said Tuesday, witnesses reported that a young woman was standing at the boundary of the water at the top of the falls suddenly slipped into the strong current. Her boyfriend and one friend jumped into the fall to save her.

“The other friends said that they saw the three people go over, out of view from the one pool they were at,” Willcox said.

Crew search for 3 young adults who were standing near the top of the waterfall which is about 60 kilometres north of Vancouver. The falls are about 335 metres at their highest point, making it the third highest waterfall in B.C.

Landon James with Squamish Search and Rescue says “We had reports from witnesses that saw three people go into the river.”  “The witnesses did see them go into the river enough that they called 911 so we can assume that it did not look like a planned entry into the river.”

Seven different agencies’ crews have been set up to find the missing adults. Personnel and vehicles from Squamish Search and Rescue, B.C. Park Rangers, the RCMP, and B.C. Ambulance have occupied the park’s parking lot.

“This park is directly adjacent to Highway 99, making it a popular day-use park,” the Shannon Falls web page notes. “This park provides picnicking, hiking and access to the trail in Stawamus Chief Provincial Park.”