Captain Hazard determined to have fun. Albeit a natural team player Eden Hazard did not wish to the Belgium team captain’s armband assigned to him by Marc Wilmots in June 2015 an engagement accepted by Roberto Martinez when he embraced as coach in September 2016. The accomplished forward nonetheless pursued the job on with a combination of objectivity and authority which is also his way of looking at life.

His younger brother Thorgan said that he likes interacting with his team whether on field or in changing room. His feet are a god given gift and an outlet for his expression but his new role has opened the avenues for associating with the team on a personal level.

Albeit the elderly Hazard has formulated his own way to develop into the role, the alteration in him is evident. He is no longer satisfied to crack jokes and spread humor now his aim is to safeguard the Red Devils as closely knit as they can be and to take the leadership role so his voice is heard loud and clear if the juncture demands. Intents that have become the focus since the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia got underway.

To cite an example, that occurred in the match against Panama. Dispirited at Romelu Lukaku’s dearth of participation in the initial half, Hazard ensured that his command can be heard by the striker. He said that it was outside his demarcation to oppose him because he is not always moral but Romelu definitely stood out amongst the rest with his three goals.