Canadian fishing boats harassed by U.S. Border Patrol, officials from Canada just reported. The U.S. Border Patrol also said that it has stopped and boarded 21 Canadian vessels this year in contested waters in the Bay of Fundy, and has no purpose to stop.

The location is shelter for Machias Seal Island and indicates one of the finally remained border disputes between the U.S. and Canada, on account of contending stipulations spread out by land grants and treaties. The waters situated at nearly 18 acres from island, known for lobster fishing, are the gray zone, which means both the U.S. as well as Canada think of them as sovereign territory.

Rick Doucet, Minister  of the New Brunswick Fisheries stated that, “Houlton Sector Border Patrol has conducted operations in the past in this area and will continue to conduct operations in the waters off the Coast of Maine in jurisdictional waters of the United States.”

In recent days, the dispute has reached a crucial stage, beginning with a Facebook post on June 25, in which a Canadian fisherman claimed that U.S. Facebook post tried to stop one of the fishermen at the location.

Federal Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc said, “Obviously, we are concerned when Canadian fishers are intercepted by American authorities when they are practicing fishing activity that has existed positively and co-cooperatively with the Americans for a very long time. So, there are, in the case of some international waters, shared jurisdictions, agreements or understandings.”