Canada’s Indigenous people appear upset for abruptly cancelled curriculum writing session last Friday, which was scheduled this week. A group of experts and educators from all over the province were expected to have meeting to write next session of the school curriculum for Ontario, with all focus at the culture and history of Indigenous peoples leaving in Canada.

The group reported a reason behind cancelling the meeting as to save money on the expenses, which one of the group members involved in the sessions asserted that such reason doesn’t make any sense.

According to Laurie Carr, Hiawatha First Nation, at the time when the curriculum writing session is resumed, it is crucial that the legacy of residential schools to be a cornerstone, while that survivors be involved in the formation of the curriculum on the culture and history of the Indigenous people in Canada.

professor Mitch Champagne from the Trent University said that, “The work has to get done. We made a commitment to do this work and most of the money, a good chunk of the money is spent already. We have people from all over Ontario coming, many in transit, people had spent money on car rentals, on hotels. To be told at the last minute is disgusting.”

Shirley Williams, professor emeritus at the Trent University, residential school survivor and an Indigenous elder has long been working on the curriculum. Williams reports that, sometimes it appears like the attitude of government is dismissive towards First Nations.

Laurie Carr stated that, “It’s their history, it’s their legacy, and it’s their sacrifice that they made, that they had to go through, to bring that understanding, to bring that truth to Canada.”