Canada will guide new training mission in Iraq, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced in Brussels on Wednesday. The Canadian military will command a new NATO training and capacity mission for its first year.

The PM made the announcement as part of the annual alliance summit. Trudeau said the mission will be started in Baghdad and the surrounding area that will include the deployment of up to 250 Canadian Armed Forces personnel as well as four Griffon helicopters.

“This is a moment for us to stand together and understand that the perspective that we fight for and stand for is essential today and tomorrow,”  Trudeau said in a statement.

An aim of this development is to allow the Western military alliance to conduct what’s they call as a “train the trainer” mission. Canada will assume command of new training to enhance the Iraqi army’s skills and to prevent the re-emergence of groups such as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

A Canadian major-general will lead the mission and Canadian troops will offer a number of headquarters staff. Iraqi security forces are already receiving the training from the Canadian army on how to clear unexploded bombs and booby traps under Operation IMPACT.

“Canada knows that a peaceful world, a more democratic world is good for Canada, is good for all of us and that’s why we believe so deeply in NATO, that’s why we stand so strongly with the trans-Atlantic alliance, and we’ll continue to step up everywhere we can,” said Trudeau.