‘Calgary Stampede 2018’ reported higher attendance that detailed higher participation numbers over a year ago, with 1,271,241 people taking in the sights and hints of the halfway, rodeo and farming occasions.

That is an expansion of 56,269 people over a year ago when 1,214,972 got through the doors. The Stampede is a non-benefit association which puts on occasions all year. Benefits from the Stampede go straightforwardly into those projects Sibbald said.

Calgary Stampede president and board’s chairman, Dave Sibbald stated that, “We’re really excited by the attendance number. But (what) we’re most fortunate (about) is the community engagement spirit that we felt in the city, not only in our park but throughout the city.”

Sibbald added they endeavor to include new occasions and encounters each year to keep general society coming.

Sibbald added, “We make some money, but that money goes to youth programs, education programs, goes back to infrastructure, because the rest of the year we have 1,800 events, so we’re open all year-round.[We] truly try to provide unique opportunities. That guest experience is what really drives us.”

“If you gauge the first nine days, the momentum has been high,” said Sibbald. “We’ve seen people come through our gates for value days, we’ve seen people come on normal days. People got on park faster than they ever did before. I think that was a great initiative and we know it was very well accepted by those that were there. So that’s a significant impact to the economy and to Calgary and to tourism for southern Alberta.”