Apple releases iOS 12 beta version 3 with performance improvements and other new features. The company rolls out the third public beta of iOS 12 for new models as well as older iPhones and iPads users. Now, everyone can install a development build of iOS 12.

Under the same update, the iPad users will get hone X-inspired gestures and notification grouping in order to offer the same comfort features as the premium smartphone.

The iOS 12 beta update will be delivered over-the-air to beta testers who have been recruited for Apple’s beta testing program. For the update, the iOS device will need to install the proper certificate.

The new version features Screen Time that allows users to track their app usage and offer limitation to lessen their reliance on particular apps.

It packs Stock apps’ new versions, including Stocks, Weather, News, and Voice Memos, while ARKit will support a new first-party app Measure that will offer to measure objects in 3D space through the rear camera.

In addition, there’s Group FaceTime, Siri Shortcuts, new Animoji, MeMoji, and third-party map support in CarPlay. You can create personalized Animoji using MeMoji feature, a customized avatar that you can use in FaceTime and iMessage to represent you. You can manage notifications through new Do Not Disturb feature which you can turn on in a meeting.

With the performance improvement in iOS 12, Apple is releasing camera up to 70 percent faster and keyboard up to 50 percent faster that will help the iPhone and iPad complete their tasks quickly and more responsively.