Two Innovators Setting New Milestones in Russia 2018. Priscilla Janssens may possess a short height buy she emanates authority. She has been showered with the resolute and regulation of the Dutch, but also the Latin excellence of her Brazilian radicles. Jo Fernandes, on contrary is an academically relaxed Australian. Never perturbed and always cool.  Priscilla and Jo jointly are conquering new breakaways in Russia. They are the premiere women in the history of the FIFA World Cup to fulfill in the ability of General Coordinator, one of the most elevated positions of accountability at the event.

Priscilla, who has been working in football for twenty years, said that it is indeed a great honor for her and its like breaking the ice. She had commenced her career as an assistant to foreign players at Ajax, she became a Venue Director for UEFA in 2004, and has been the pioneer of the official fiefdom of women’s game in the Netherlands since 2007.

Jo said that she is extremely proud to be on this stage. She is in control of the department supervising the advancement of women’s and girls’ football in New South Wales, under Football Federation Australia. She said that it is vital every woman who wants to be a part of football requires observing that there are the rest who are the role models in this profession.

Both of them already possess the insight into executing the role at other FIFA tournaments bit the world cup signifies a contemporary peak.