Suggested space force is not premiere time US has attempted to militarize space. If President Donald Trump’s idea literally evolves to fruition, it will not be the first military force setting its goals on space. In reality the thought of instituting a military existence in space is as ancient as the space age, and the United States arrived to proximity to displaying its own space force in the 1960s.

However, there are meager dissimilarities. For example no one is aware of yet if the space force will include in the long run placing military personnel in space or if it will include boots on Earth and vast robotic technology in the sky.

Jonathan McDowell, an astrophysicist with Harvard and spaceflight historian said that according to him space force also signifies a career path for Department of Defense satellite operators. It has got nothing to do with human spaceflight at all.

There exist Department of Defense satellites in space. The Boeing X-37B, an unmanned space shuttle, has soared a succession of organized missions in the previous decade- plus and was a top secret. Strategic Command traces of the matter in the space and the Airforce has an unblemished satellite and space junk tracking “space fence” anticipated to go online next year. Innumerable astronauts commenced their career in military. So in one way or the other there is a considerable military specter in space.