Mats Hummels calls Germany’s group stage exit ‘a bitter shock’. Defender Hummels dissipated a late chance as heading over, admitted on Wednesday that, “It is a really, really bitter evening for us. The situation is very difficult to put into words.”

For the first time ever since 1938, it was a bitter shock for the Germany team, said Mats Hummels defending champions, as the group stage exit of Germany from the World Cup 2018 finals. On Wednesday in Kazan, the Germany team defeated by 2-0 to South Korea, which means that Germany has ended up the Group F bottom, sending Joachim Loew home with just a single victory and two defeats.

Mats Hummels said in a statement, “We did not put the ball in the net, even though we had plenty of opportunities, including myself in the 86th minute — I have to score from chances like that. It is a very bitter evening for us and for all German football fans.”

Grabbing a remarkable record of ten winnings, Germany got qualified for Russia, but the team played well at last time that was a time when they swathed adequacy late last year. Joachim Loew, Germany coach made a surprising leave from midfield, after attacking staunch Thomas Mueller for the first time after 2012, on the bench, when disappointing displays were airing against Sweden and Mexico.

“We believed in it until the very end, we tried to shoot, but we just couldn’t get the ball in,” Hummels added. “We had plenty of opportunities; we broke our necks trying out there today.”