Culture secretary urges schools to prohibit mobile phones, noting that he always admire the head teachers who do use to allow such devices to be used by students during the school time.

Matt Hancock, Conservative Party member and culture secretary warned in The Daily Telegraph that mobile devices may take student towards the direct impacts on their achievements, exposing them to the higher range of bullying. He also asked why teens need to keep their mobile phones with them cautiously while being in school.

Hancock wrote as a part of subject in an article for The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday that, “Technology makes being a parent much harder. And schools have a big role too. I enthusiastically support using technology for teaching. But we also need to teach children how to stay safe with technology. Why do young children need phones in schools?”

He added that he does not let his children use their own mobile phone and even social media accounts. According to Hancock, it is very important to set boundaries to the amount of time spent with and number of students using mobile, especially the few most influencing social media platforms, in order to motivate them to safely use internet and protect them from dangers.

Hancock in writing that, “We all recognise children need more protection on the internet. If a child is being bullied during the day and they have access to social media, the bullying doesn’t necessarily stop when they walk out of the school gate. I want bullying to be as unacceptable online as it is in the playground.”