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SerieAWeekly On April - 17 - 2012

Antonio Di Natale Scores Again!

guest writer Juan Arango - We have become so accustomed to hearing players fight over a million more or a million less. About television contracts and rights issues and the other things that make the game the business that it has evolved into. There is selfishness everywhere and the only thing that matter is the bottom line. People only care about their team winning and if they don’t do that, it is the end of their lives- figuratively.

Being in the media, we only publicize the Jersey Shores of the world. We wear out laptops, furiously smacking with incessant keystokes and filling the internet with opinions about Mario Balotelli’s latest Rodman-like outburst or Carlos Tevez long layoff or Kim Kardashian’s newest fling. We are victims of our incessant hunger for the negative or fluff.

As much as the passion of billions is now reduced to a money making scheme for several, we get smacked in the face by a force that is way greater than we are- life.

I guess this is why what Antonio Di Natale has decided to do to help had to make most of us do an about face and inject some life into us again. What occurred to Piermario Moresini left many people in complete shock.

Udinese, via their Udinese for Life charity, will look after her financially and they are looking for other clubs to join the cause. As of the moment this was being posted, Atalanta reportedly was on board.

What’s more important is that Di Natale announced that he would take custody of Morosini’s sister. Many of us would say why? He has everything and maybe just forking over a few bucks would be more than enough.

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