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SerieAWeekly On July - 6 - 2011

Nike Juventus 2011/12 Jersey Presentation

Juventus FC have officially launched their Nike 2011/12 home and away kits today!

Nike Juventus FC 2011-2012 new release kits

The Bianconeri are seventh place finishers from last season but with the unveiling of their new attire, via a press conference at their new stadium, and on their website they are clearly looking to shoot for the stars this coming season with more respect!

Gone is that crazy tri-colour and thunder bolt-ish stripe. In comes a sleek almost hypnotic stripe design on the home jersey and a return to ancient traditions in the away kit.

The 2011-12 season kits will be used during club pre-season events including matches against Sporting Clube de Portugal and Club America in Canada and the USA respectively.

Topic of the Day,… Juventus looking for Respect, and to you from the team website:

“Juventus will wear a shirt with a futuristic look which looks to signal the start of a new era. It features a reinterpreted version of the iconic black and white stripes to guarantee a 3D effect. ‘Juventus’ is written on the back of the shirt, whilst ‘Forza Juve’ is written on the back of the badge. The shorts are white, with a hint of black at the tip, along with white socks and a ‘J’ written on the calf”.

On to the new look stripes of the Home jersey

Nike Juventus FC 2011-2012 new release home kit

And that away kit looks to be cashing in on some southern charm if you know what we mean… (real men wear pink, or is it fuschia?)

Nike Juventus FC 2011-2012 new release away kits

Anyway, the away jersey is bright fuschia, dominated by a star, signalling a return to tradition! Following the foundation of the club in 1897, Juventus wore pink coloured shirts with black shorts for six years before switching to the traditional black and white stripes.  Hmmm no wonder the club has such a big following in the south it starts with tradition! (psss make sure to read John Foot’s Calcio: A History of Italian Football or listen to him HERE

Team tifosi (fans) wishing to buy a new jersey or complete kit, will find some very nice finer details with new release Nike Juventus jersey labels, embroidered name and crest

Nike Juventus 2011-12 jersey rear labelNike Juventus 2011-12 jersey reverse Forza Juve labelNike Juventus 2011-12 jersey frontal jersey crest

more pictures to come in our second edition new release Juventus Jersey Presentation stay tuned…

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Reid Scott Anderson says:

    The black one is the only one worth wearing. I just cannot get into the black and white stripes…and the pink star is laughable…Sorry but coming from the States..anything in B & W stripes says Ref or NFL Official…At least they didn’t put some hideous snake or other animal all over it….jeesh…and this is Italy! The land of style….not so much.

  2. ADH says:

    The new design of Juve jersey are so cool, I think every one who is going to wear these jersey must respect , Juve always is a quality Team , and this coming season every one will know Juve and the quality of Players and everything from Juve.

  3. Reid Scott Anderson is an Idiot says:

    Juventus’ black and white is much older than your silly NFL. Have some respect for things you clearly have no grasp on… Stick to American “foot”ball.

  4. Carlo says:

    The solid black one is coolest. Too bad it’s only for goal keeper.
    Never ever want to wear the pink one.

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