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Napoli Blogger On April - 7 - 2011

Napoli Notizie: Cavani-Mania About To Hit The Big Time?

I remember the day in July 2010 when news broke that Napoli had agreed a deal to sign ‘Matador’. I was in shock.

Why was I in shock over a player that never really stood out at Palermo despite scoring goals and having obvious talent? In all honesty I don’t know. I suppose It felt like Napoli were signing a ‘big’ player, the price tag (you could argue inflated at the time) and the way the deal was portrayed in media with hourly updates on Sky Sports Italia certainly contributed to the deal being massive.

The Napoli fans would talk for days on end ‘where would Cavani play?’ ’does this mean Hamsik is leaving?’ ‘Is Quagliarella going to sit on the bench?

Well the last question was answered on Edinson Cavani’s competitive debut for Napoli in the Europa League tie in Boras against Elfsborg. On this very day, hours before kick off news broke that Fabio Quagliarella would be leaving Napoli to join Juventus. Every Napoli fan was in shock, how? what? why? and who?

One man unaffected by all this commotion was Cavani himself. He would go on to score two goals in his first start for Napoli, not a bad way to help the fans sooth the pain of Quagliarella’s departure. It would be the start of a special relationship between Edinson and the fans.

As the goals kept flying in the the amount of affection shown towards the Uruguyan increased. First came the Plasticine models of Edinson, then came the obligatory ‘Pizza Cavani’, a pizza base shaped like a matadors hat. Cavani himself has spoke well of the Napoli fans and Naples in general. ‘I am happy to have given this joy to a whole city, which I feel more and more as mine,’ he said to Sky Italia following Napoli defeating Juventus and after scoring one of his hat-tricks.

When he signed for Napoli he revealed one of the reasons he joined was the fans, speaking to TuttoNapoli he said “I preferred Napoli because of the support shown by the fans and the general public”. Now I am not stupid enough to believe he meant it at the time, after all he needed to get the fans ‘onside’’ but he knows how much the fans love him now and we can see the affection he has for the fans. Cavani is feeding off the emotion from the supporters, the team and the city has for him, you can see it in his football. He looks happy to be in Naples, wearing the Napoli shirt and because of the confidence he has from this he is pushing himself to levels that way beyond what anyone expected when he signed for Napoli

Now we have supporters calling for his canonization, city roundabouts named in honour by residents and even buses displaying ‘El Matador’ as destinations. This is Napoli, this is what one man has done. Edinson Cavani has really caught the hearts of every single Napoli fan. In his short time at Napoli he has already broken a record that has lasted nearly 70 years, that being Napoli all time season top scorer, previously held by Napoli legend Antonio Vojak with 22 goals, a record held since 1933.

He will lead Napoli to their best finish in a Serie A campaign since the Maradona days and he will continue to score goals until the seasons ends. Can anyone name me something he can’t do?

  • Pottsburg

    I said to my friends when he came in “if he can deliver 20 goals this season I will forgive them for selling Quagls”. An he has done just that!

  • Caclio Pauly

    I really hope that De Laurentis is not as retarded as Zamparini and Garrone, and instead of neglecting his team next season he properly reinforces them for a genuine run at the CL. I’m sick and tired of Italian teams going into that tournament (cough Roma) without proper reinforcements. Speaking of Roma, I wonder if this new owner is going to do good on his word to reinforce the team himself. Napoli are like a breath of fresh air in the campionato, and I would seriously hate to see them do half arsed in the CL next season.

    Next…when will Italian teams change their attitude towards the Europa. Look at the Portuguese league coefficient this season @14+ pts and Serie A just under 12. Where did the Portuguese get their points from? From good showing in the Europa, no doubt. Are Serie A teams going to start taking it seriously too?

    I sure hope so. We’ve already lost one spot to the BL, and who knows how many years it’s going to take to get it back.

    The 90′s are long gone, and while Prandelli has started the revival at the NT level, I’m awaiting Sacchi and Baggio’s effect on Club level.


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