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Robbie Earle and Gabriele Marcotti provide their opinions on the Carlos Tevez affair playing out at Manchester City. I have to say I agree with Marcotti’s assessment of the player and Earle’s of the club. If Tevez gets his way, and returns to Argentina, possibly some fans can still respect him for placing family above money. On the other hand, if another European club swoops in with the money say Inter Milan (Massimo Moratti does have the change) much criticism will be made of the South American.

Of course Inter would be a great place for Tevez if Manchester City could not provide that South American “home” feeling with Argentine national team alumni of Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso, Walter Samuel and Diego Milito at the club.

Our pundits talk little on ex-Inter youngster Mario Balotelli as tempers continue to flair as well as a short bit on Juventus’ surprise winner from Milos Krasic.

Take a look and leave your comments,

Do you feel Carlos Tevez would do well at Inter and is this the player they need to bring back the spark missing since Rafa Benitez has taken over? Do you feel Tevez is pulling a Rooney Rant?

ESPN Press Pass video link is working

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5 Responses so far.

  1. Charlie says:

    If he ends up leaving he should go to Inter. Inter needs another striker, selling Mario Balotelli was a good move but not purchasing any strikers during the break proved costly. Tevez should feel at home with so many other Argentina players at Inter. Mr. Moratti should definitely buy him.

    • Walker says:

      no doubt Charlie but there are whispers of a Real Madrid swoop because of the injury situation with Gonzalo Higuain. Does this mean a move for Karim Benzema in the opposite direction???

      • Charlie says:

        I heard that also, even though I don’t understand why they would let go Benzema, he’s a very talented player. To be honest I wouldn’t mind having Benzema at Inter, the question is if either ends up moving to Milan which player would adapt better?

  2. Vasilios says:

    He can’t go to Inter, at least not in January. Due to new Serie A rules, clubs are only allowed to bring in one non-EU signing from outside of Serie A per season. Inter already registered Coutinho, and therefore cannot register another until next Summer. Unless of course Tevez can gain a English passort…

  3. Walker says:

    sorry about the video not being available, did know ESPN only had them up for 24 hrs. Trying to find another site that has the interview.

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