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Mihajlovic from the press room of the Ferraris stadium in Genoa after the final moments defeat of 1-2 to Sampdoria Sunday:

“Understandable physical decline with many players who have played their natural role because of injuries. The defeat burns but from tomorrow we must begin to think our way out of this situation. I am peaceful and I have confidence in this team and in my work. I’m not a quitter. I do this job with great passion and determination. I am focused on my work then we’ll see.”

The Viola manager went on to explain, the team on paper has some future matchups which should be easier, but the calendar does not count. “Every game is a story in itself,  now we need points.”

“I do not think we deserved to lose, even if Sampdoria in the second half he tried to push a lot more. . Without that goal on a free kick would not end well. ”

Next 5 matches for Fiorentina,
Sat      23/10/10      Fiorentina  14 : 45 Bari
Sun     31/10/10     Catania     15 : 45     Fiorentina
Sun     07/11/10    Fiorentina 06 : 30     Chievo
Wed    10/11/10    Roma      14 : 45    Fiorentina
Sat    13/11/10    Fiorentina 12 : 00    Cesena

source: ViolaChannel
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