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Andy Golding On June - 25 - 2010

Italy: Too Lippi And No Action

“We’ve been preparing for this World Cup for two years.” Said Fabio Cannavaro, throughout the last two years Marcello Lippi has insisted the team were prepared and called for national support, now following Italy’s embarrassing group stage exit only confirms the concerns fans and critics have highlighted. Is it not ironic that the Italian national anthem contains the line ‘Do’ve la vittoria?’ – Where is victory? Surely for a team that has yet to record a win in 2010 did that not ring alarm bells to Lippi’s mind earlier?

Instead Lippi has been paying lip service insisting progress had been made following the shambolic performance of last summers Confederations Cup, by the evidence shown throughout the World Cup any progress made was actually stagnate, so where did the problems lye? The Critics will blame Lippi’s selection leaving out the likes of Antonio Cassano and Fabrizio Miccoli, evidently Italy played with no creativity, ideas, flair or cohesion but the problem remains far deeper and was inevitable that the re-appointment of Lippi for a second term was going to halt the transitional stage that Lippi’s predecessor Roberto Donadoni had started, after all since when did re-heated food taste as good as it was the first time around? A fatal error both from the Figc and Marcello Lippi himself who claimed to have “Unfinished business.”

It is perhaps true to say that sacking Donadoni to begin with was a mistake, despite the poor showing at Euro 2008, Donadoni had at least showed signs of experimental willingness and only lacked tactical refinement, on the other hand Lippi in his second term showed neither of these attributes, in fact it is sad to say that it took an embarrassing exit from the World Cup for Lippi to finally surrender and take responsibility.

Of course the players too must take their share of the blame too, Fabio Cannavaro who was held in such high regards four years ago was nothing short of a joke this time around, having showed no leadership qualities and sadly enough no interest it is hard to believe that he has turned from national hero into a public hate figure certainly after today’s performance with facial expressions of joy and happiness brought much anger as to his attitude throughout this campaign, additionally the likes of Simone Pepe and Vicenzo Iaquinta were simply frustrating to watch, the lack of interest and ability to even control the ball was astonishing to say the least with no will to regain lost possession.

Ultimately these were the players Lippi had held in trust to retain the title and failed with catastrophic results, certainly the sympathisers will blame it on the injuries to Buffon and Pirlo but there is no room for excuses and scapegoats this time around. Marcello Lippi’s flaws have finally been uncovered for the world to witness, how fitting it was to hear the English commentator say after Slovakia scored their third goal - “Lippi’s career, Cannavaro’s career – Terminated!”

Thankfully a new era will be born out of Cesare Prandelli’s reign, certainly many of the senators will step down, it is important that Italy restarts their recovery process immediately in time for Euro 2012, but for now and for many weeks to come the post mortem for one of Italy’s worst showing on the International stage will continue and I hope that Prandelli will learn from Lippi’s stubbornness and provide La Nazionale the much needed new lease of life it craves.

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