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Re-Juve-nation - Will It Work This Time?

Posted by Andy Golding Saturday, May 15, 2021

Following one the most disastrous season in Juventus’ history will the rejuvenation plans being drawn up at Vinovo be the solution?

It was merely a few months ago that I had written an article attacking Juventus at board room level, particularly the decisions undertaken by the out going president Jean-Claude Blanc and urged the administration to appoint the incoming Andrea Agnelli, although this is just the beginning there is still plenty of work to be done.

First and foremost it is almost safe to suggest that Alessio Secco will be finally shown the door this summer, following numerous errors in his transfers it is certainly promising to see Sampdoria’s current General Manager Beppe Marotta is all but confirmed to make the switch to Juventus in the coming weeks, a man praised for his astute signings such as Antonio Cassano and Giampaolo Pazzini.

All well and good at board level but now comes the crucial part of hiring a competent manager to lead the team back onto their rightful path. Firstly missing out on Rafa Benitez is by no means an opportunity lost, despite his successes with Valencia and Liverpool in the past, his indecisiveness on his own future plus the greed in demands and power was far too costly for Juventus to comply with. However there are a fair few options left with Sampdoria’s manager Gigi Del Neri set to follow Marotta to Turin.

This is potentially a move that has already brought some doubts by many, certainly since his short tenure with Roma and Porto was unconvincing to say the least, additionally and most crucially that Del Neri's experience with teams such as Atalanta, Chievo and to a lesser extent Sampdoria the mindset and expectations installed are far lower than those expected at Juventus, for a man like Del Neri who hasn’t coached a big side in a while brings about questions in his ability as to whether or not he has what it takes to be successful.

If Juventus want to be title contenders next season then they must take serious note of these decisive factors before making haste and appointing a new manager for the sake of moving onto the next stage of the recovery process, it is possible to say that Del Neri could potentially be worse than the appointment of Zaccheroni who lets not forget has experienced the success of winning the Scudetto and would be unfair to judge him on his few months work at Juventus.

Furthermore Del Neri’s preference in adopting a 4-4-2 formation will raise questions as to the future of Diego and how he will fit into Del Neri’s plans, a player who has regrettably had a disappointing season but has desire and promise. Let us not forget that this season Juventus were for the most part adopting a 4-3-1-2 formation in order to accommodate Diego, but Del Neri is not afraid to scrap that system just as he did when he first arrived at Sampdoria and dropped the 3-5-2 formation that was instigated by his predecessor Walter Mazzarri.

Not all is doom and gloom with Del Neri, after all the man deserves praise for his work at Sampdoria this season, a man brave enough to drop a talismanic figure like Antonio Cassano when the club were suffering in results in favour of Nicola Pozzi, a move that proved to save Sampdoria’s chances of securing fourth place and considering the lack of resources the club has in comparison to Juve’s who suggest to have a large war chest for this summer’s Mercato, Gigi Del Neri could prove to be just as much of a successful appointment, after all his work at Sampdoria can only show improvements in his managerial skills in comparison to the eight months spent at Roma six years ago.

It is perhaps ironic that the Latin meaning of Juventus is youth, a metaphor for a fresh start and new beginnings, something that so far leads to suggest will be the case next season and only time will tell if Andrea Agnelli will re-live the successes of his Agnelli predecessors, or will we be witnessing the same old lady of the last four seasons?

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  1. Patrick Said:
  2. Well done, Andy. I believe Juventus need a serious overall. Perhaps, Turin isn't a prime destination for the top players, anymore? Dare I say, has The Old Lady "lost that lovin' feelin'"?

  3. Andy Golding Said:
  4. Juve will always be Juve deep down, history is something that cannot be re-written, I'm sure that if marotta can attract the likes of cassano to sampdoria, who knows who he could bring to Juve, there is no doubt in saying that there will be mass changes in personel at all levels of the club including chief scout, one might ask could it be any worse than the old administration? which is where a part of my optimisism for next season is comming from


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