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Welcome Giallorossi Jay With Rising Wolves Of AS Roma

Posted by Kevin Walker Monday, April 12, 2021

Ciao Calcio fans! This is Jay from Atlanta, Georgia and I will be writing a blog on the site dedicated to AS Roma.

A little information about me. I grew up an NFL fan, but as I got older it seemed to me that the sport came second to the flash. I stopped watching sports all together. I was never much of a soccer (football) fan, until me and my wife visited Italy about 3 years ago. We were in Sorrento at the time and a match came on TV while were exploring the city. I honestly don't know who was playing at the time, but I remember the way everyone in the shops and places around the city were totally glued to the TVs. Ever since then I became a Calcio fan, because its the country that turned me on the sport. We did a big tour of Italy at the time, and my favorite city was Rome, so I chose Roma as my adopted team. I honestly knew very little about them at the time, but have learned much since then. I am still learning, and I know that there are some fans out there that have been following them a lot longer than me. Feel free to drop me a line.

As many of you out there already know Roma have had a fantastic year so far, and I will do my best to bring you as much news and views about the team as possible. Although the season is drawing to an end, there are still some big games for I Lupi. They are still in the Coppa Italia, and they are playing against some teams who would love to break their unbeaten streak. The good news is that Totti, Toni, and Vucinic are all fit to play. Although Totti has not played much since December of last year, he definitely brings an air of confidence to the team. Toni was out for much of February, but it seems that he and Vucinic make a great combination on the pitch. It was great to see all 3 of them play together against Bari last week. They came away with the win and a clean sheet. Totti had some chances and made some great plays, but still looked like he was trying to find his form. Bari is the little team that could this year, and they are very tough at home. I thought Roma should have scored at least once more, and they got a little lucky when Bari created some pressure on the defense. Hats off to Julio Sergio and Burdisso who were key in keeping Bari from scoring.

This week Roma faced Atalanta, who are completely horrible on the road, and are fighting to stay out of relegation. I honestly expected Atalanta to put up a fight since they are so close to relegation. Roma seemed to control the game completely in the first half and scored twice. Although Atalanta seemed to come out screaming in the second half, Roma defended their lead and won the game.  I heard the commentator say that they were disappointed that Ranieri did not start Luca Toni. I thought Ranieri may be holding on to Toni for some of the key games coming up, like Lazio and Sampdoria. Granted I believe that Roma can beat any one of these teams, but as many Roma fans know they have drawn against teams with worse records. Livorno anyone? There are a lot of teams out there that seem to be dependent on key players, look at Manchester Untied since Rooney was injured. They were knocked out of Champions League and drew in their last league game. Ranieri seems to be more concerned with developing a team and not pushing one or two guys to the head of the pack. Totti had a few really good chances. but seemed to be more of the play maker than finisher in this game. His pass to Cassetti helped seal the win, that has now put them at the top of the table. Vucinic is becoming their main man for goals, but just about anyone else on the team is welcome to join in. Look at Sunday's game. Cassetti, one of their defenders had a chance, and then Atalanta gave him another chance and paid for it. Riise seemed like he was hungry for a goal today too. During this season De Rossi, Taddei, and Perrota have all scored goals as well. So I wonder what is better a team that can score goals or a team with one or two players that can score goals? Well at least in Italy it seems that a team works better. Also, Roma's defense has been tightened, and they have only allowed 2 goals in the last 3 games. Ranieri seems to be giving all of his defenders a chance to play. Letting Sergio take over for Doni was a great decision and it has paid off. I can't imagine how many games would have been ties or losses due to Doni's bad form.

So now Roma is at the top of the table. Of course I hope that they stay there and win the Scudetto. I also hope that they win the Coppa Italia. Who out there would have thought that Roma had a chance at not one, but two trophies this year? Many wrote them off earlier in the season as Totti was injured and their form was inconsistent. Then Ranieri stepped in and seemed to be the missing number from the equation. The frosting on top has been Luca Toni, who seems to be glad to be playing in Italy again. So my fellow Roma fans celebrate as your team is now number one. I look forward to the last games of the season.
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  1. caco Said:
  2. Welcome Jay and i hope this becomes a place where fellow romanisti discuss the teams situation.

  3. Anonymous Said:
  4. Grazie Mille caco! I plan on doing this pretty regularly for the site. Also, to hear from fellow Roma fans.

    Daje Roma!


  5. Anonymous Said:
  6. Forza Roma!!! welcome aboard Jay. Always wonderful to meet the fellow Roma fans. I too believe that they can take this years Scudetto!

  7. nate Said:
  8. Ciao a tutti! Roma fans are livin the dream right now! Keep writing about it! Mille grazie!


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