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FC Barcelona arrived Monday in Milan ahead of schedule for their Champions League semi-final match against Internazionale.

Current air restrictions in Europe courtesy of one Icelandic volcano caused the team to sit through an 11 hour bus ride.

Inter's club website is reporting the Tuesday evening semi-final first leg at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza is a sell-out. A total of 80,018 tickets have been sold.

Several pre-match quotes,

Mourinho: "A pleasure to play a game like this"

Wesley Sneijder: "We respect Barca but we're not afraid" 

At the pre-match news briefing in Appiano Gentile the questions put to Mourinho started with,

Is this like a final?

A Special One Response - "I don't like talking about an early final. It's a semi-final. Who wins, plays a final. The final is in Madrid. The final won't be Inter-Barcelona. It will be Inter or Barcelona. Lyon and Bayern deserve respect because like us and Barcelona they are in the semi-finals. They are quality teams and they have a fifty percent chance of winning the Champions. They are teams with history. It's the first semi-final for Lyon but they have reached the quarter-finals three or four times. They have eliminated Real Madrid and another team from France, which is never easy against a team from the same championship. Bayern have one of the best coaches in the world. They have quality and a rich history in the Champions. So we can't say it's an early final tomorrow. We have respect for the others, so there is no early final."

Are Barcelona favourites to win?
"Against us in the group stages Barca showed great superiority. They deserved to win and we didn't have the capacity to respond to their superiority. That was in November. They are as good as they were in November, but we are much better than we were in November. I accept this kind of analysis, I'm not offended by it, but I think it's 50-50."

Real Madrid don't want Barcelona to reach the final in their stadium because of the rivalry between the two clubs...
"I think Real Madrid are too big to be unhappy with the non-success of the others. It should be happy with its success, not the problems of the others. I don't think it's a drama for Real Madrid. They should worry about their success and their future. They will be disappointed about not playing this final, but it's the same for me when my team doesn't achieve the success I want. I want to win, and I think it's the same thing for Real Madrid."

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  1. Mando Said:
  2. Get off the fence and pick a side, this is a war between websites dog

  3. Patrick Said:
  4. Thanks for the quotes. Inter may be the only club designed to stop Barca. I'm really looking forward to this clash.

  5. Patrick Said:
  6. Ok, I gotta know, are you backing Inter because you love Serie A or rooting against them because you love AS Roma?


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