Tonight at the Camp Nou FC Barcelona attempt to continue writing history when they take on the might of Inter Milan in the Semi-Final 2nd Leg of the Champions League. The tie is delicately poised with Internazionale leading 3-1 on aggregate, will Barca’s away goal prove vital? They hope so. There will be no excuses if they fail to perform tonight; no long bus journeys, no long grass, no poor refereeing decisions; so why will they possibly fail?

The Barcelona PR machine has been working overtime in the past week, drumming up an atmosphere the type of which has rarely been seen in the Catalan state; even Real Madrid would be envious of this campaign. The worst part was when the players were forced to wear shirts after defeating Xerez stating “We’ll give 100%.” This evidently shows the pressure is getting to Pepe Guardiola and his team, they are trying to make a statement, to show they are Champions of Europe for a reason and that they will continue to fight for this title. This is all very well, but last season they didn’t need to whip up a storm to win games, they didn’t have rely on their fan’s backing. The focus used to be on the team; now it is placed on the fans.
Jose’s mind games have ruined Barca’s chances of preparing efficiently. In his press conference yesterday, Mourinho ran his usual show; he walked in during his player’s speech and sat on the floor listening; he stated he “didn’t dream of winning the Champions League;” and he accused Barcelona of being “obsessed” with Real Madrid. It is his last statement which will annoy the Catalan’s, it’s sure to have got in their heads. The rivalry between Barca and Real is obvious, but with the final being at Real’s stadium, this is a fantastic opportunity for Barca to get one over their rivals; imagine the sight of Florentino Perez crying as Carlos Puyol lifts another Champions League Trophy in his own stadium? This image is priceless, and yet it could hinder Barca a great deal. Will they be so obsessed with this image that they won’t focus on Inter? Jose hopes so.

The “Three Muskateers,” Inter’s attacking trio of Diego Milito, Goran Pandev and Samuel Eto’o, in the first leg the trio demonstrated why they should be feared; operating infront of the maestro Wesley Snjeider, they will hassle Barca’s players and won’t let them settle into the rhythm in which they can be deadly. Inter will also look to boss the midfield and it’s quite likely that Mourinho will opt to play a trio of Cambiasso, Motta and Muntari to outmuscle Barca. Will Messi be given room in which to shine? Not if these players get their say.

One factor which will benefit Barcelona is the absence of Dymtro Chygrynskiy. The defender proved how overpriced he is with an abject performance against Xerez last weekend; this is still a plus despite Puyol being suspended!

So roll on kick off; Internazionale take on the World’s Best Team and there has to be a winner. My money is on the Italians, but some may differ.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's not just Chygrynsky, how about Busquets? He seems to be always caught daydreaming he was Iniesta.
    Barca's best chance in the absence of Puyol and Abidal is to play Yaya Toure and Keita to support Xavi in the midfield, if not Inter will steam roll them again.


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