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Is Mancio The Man For Juventus?

Posted by Andy Golding Sunday, April 11, 2021

As speculations grows as to who will take over the Juventus hot seat next season, Andy Golding analyses the possibility of current Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini taking over.

Current Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is continuously linked with the managers job at Juventus this summer, whilst his work at Lazio and to an extent at Internazionale and currently with Manchester City may be deemed respectable by many, how will the Juventus tifosi react to his possible arrival?

Clearly there is a problem with Mancini taking over the job, and that is largely down to his history with Internazionale. A team who Mancini in the past has claimed ‘won’ the Scudetti titles fairly and on the pitch, a statement that has clearly not gone down too well with Bianconeri fans.

Despite Mancini’s claims and personal issues aside, can Mancini really fix the problems of the Old Lady? Which again was a statement made prior to taking up the role at Manchester City. Certainly to say is that he isn’t the only Juventus manager who has stated the same and failed, but do Juve really have any other choice? Unfortunately to say their options are fairly limited, with Fiorentina boss Cesare Prandelli set to extend his stay with the Viola, and uncertainties remain regarding Rafa Benitez’ position on his future, leaving the club with Cagliari boss Massimiliano Allegri as their only other alternative.

Juventus can ill-afford to pass the reigns of a historically successful club to a manager (with respect to say) is still fairly inexperienced with few credentials on his CV in terms of success and continental experience in contrast to Roberto Mancini, albeit the Scudetto Internazionale were awarded from the Calciopoli trials.

To Mancini’s credit he has always prided his tactics on an organised defensive and expansive attacking unit something that Juve dearly lack, additionally Mancini has proven to be a capable manager who can work effectively with both a lack of and abundance in resources as shown with Lazio and now at Manchester City, although it remains to be seen how his presence will affect the level of respect reciprocated from the players as a consequence of his history, certainly amongst the ‘old guard’.

Should Mancini be appointed, it is sure to cause an uproar amongst the tifosi which hasn’t been seen since Carlo Ancelotti’s appointment in 1999, however it should be kept in mind the nature in Mancini’s dismissal by Massimo Moratti is sure to want to prove a point against his previous employers in order to gain the trust of the player and fans alike, for a man who was once considered the anti-Christ of Juventus, could well be the Old lady’s messiah next season.

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  1. Mando Said:
  2. I don't think that the Juve tifosi have much of a choice. If given a chance to get an experienced European coach, they need to jump at it

  3. Kevin Walker Said:
  4. this is going to get nasty...

  5. Andy Said:
  6. unfortunatly to say since the new board arrived the Juve tifosi have had little choice, hence the uprising and anger against the boards decisions, unlike the good old days when Moggi and co used to sit with ultra leaders to discuss future plans. However my fear is not so much mancini, more to the fact knowing this board they will go after Allegri, especially since he's cheap, free, and has a coaching badge.


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