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Been waiting for things to settle, to sink in, before voicing an opinion.  Immediately after the semi-final on Wednesday Mando from LaLigaWeekly and I recorded a podcast which you’ll find attached post bottom for some additional banter. 

On to the reality of the night, Inter triumphs while Barca flops, big surprise? Don’t think so.

So many stories to spin, so many headlines. Mourinho dumps Barcelona out of Europe, The Italian Job Does It, 10-man Inter stun Barca, Interpreter Gets His Pound of Flesh.

Lets start off with a quote from a Football Weekly listener,

“A special thanks to Barca, thank you for the money which we used for;
Eto’o, Sneijder, Milito, Lucio, Pandev, Motta. Thank you for firing up our players before the match. Thank you for escorting our coach from the airport. Thank you for the night long party which you threw especially for us. Thank you for turning on the sprinklers in order for our players and staff to cool off.”

So true are all the one-liners but foremost Barcelona paving the wave for Inter success within the Samuel Eto’o transfer. This one transaction allowed Mourinho to shape Inter into the squad we witnessed bring down Chelsea, CSKA Moscow and Barcelona after the group stages.

Interestingly enough Inter reaped rewards by abandoning a “superstar” transfer policy. Something few have spoken on giving the nod first to Inter’s next opponent Bayern on that front but we’ll talk about zee Germans in good time.

Of course Jose Mourinho is now more than ever touted as the masterful tactician which is understandable but also only half the story. The Special One has a squad filled with intelligence and professionalism to put his tactics into practice.  Inter players believed it could be done when so many detractors of the Italian game said it could not.  This belief will now allow us to sample a Champions League final void any Spanish or English contingent (UEFA league co-efficient holders 1 and 2)

In praising manager and squad we should not forget opponents Barcelona. The most annoying thing about Wednesday night’s defeat for them,  Mourinho celebration aside,  was the return of no “Plan B”.  It was thought Zlatan Ibrahimovic (the other half to that Eto’o transfer) was to be that option. But too often late service into the box made it not entirely a Ibra-alone failure. Something else to think about before listening to the post-match podcast, Barca was quite simply a tired looking eleven and perhaps more should have been made of that January transfer window.  Of course the return of classic catenaccio, superbly maintained solidity and positioning, by 10-men Inter would be the problem to any option success and on the day an incredible performance.

Well done Jose Mourihno and the “Inter”-vention crew you’ve taken club to the brink of European conquest after a 40 year absence. Next stop Santiago BernabĂ©u stadium for the final against Bayern a win there and you’ll have also done the Italian Serie A a favor, salvaging the third spot against Germany’s Bundesliga in UEFA’s league co-efficient race.

Valdes Attack Pic On Mourinho as post-match celebrating is not amusing to the Barcelona keeper.

Minute+10 Podcast: Post-mortem Barca vs Inter

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